What is a Devic Temple Crystal?


Now I wanted to speak about a form of quartz named a Devic Temple. What are they? What is the description of a Devic Temple? How do you know if your crystal is a Devic Temple?

devic temple


Let’s get started with the description. Crystals which have Fairy Frost, Mirror Fractures and Rainbows inside are named (by some*) Devic Temple crystals.

Devic Temple crystals are described as getting “special locations for Light Beings to reside”.

I really feel all crystals have this potential/inclination so I have a tendency to shy away from this term. The term Devic Temple, then, is a small bit misleading. This implies that only the crystals labeled as Devic Temple have the potential to harbor or residence Light Beings. It is integrated right here as a separate weblog post for the reason that it is a common search term and you may possibly be searching for a lot more details on this form of crystal.

According to some, Devic Temple crystals are regarded to be “Master Crystals”. Even so, to me, the term Master Crystal is arbitrary and topic to interpretation.  The Crystal Individuals are ALL masters. Also, the list of Master crystals varies pretty extensively according to which author you study. As a result I am not a huge fan of lumping the crystals onto a “Master Crystal” list. That getting mentioned, I will address Master Crystals in a lot more detail in a further weblog post and we’ll get back to Devic Temple crystals.


DEVIC TEMPLEIncredibly frequently, the crystals I see on the internet described as Devic Temple have tons of Mirror Fractures brought on by tension, named “crazing”.

Crazing is when lots of Mirror Fractures are designed when the crystal undergoes a shock such as a sudden temperature transform. A hot crystal into cold water or cold crystal into hot water, for instance. These Mirror Fractures have a tendency to go fully via the crystal. They traverse side to side and trigger the structure of the crystal to be prone to breaking a lot more conveniently.

The crystals which I have a tendency to get in touch with Devic Temple frequently have significantly less Mirror Fractures than the other examples you may possibly uncover on the internet. The Mirror Fractures frequently take shapes and have a tendency to be a lot more internalized (significantly less to the far outer surface of the crystal).

There is also a lot of ethereal searching Fairy Frost and Rainbows added into the mix.


FAIRY FROST devic templeInitially the term Fairy Frost may possibly make you feel of one thing on the outer surface of a crystal (frost on the pumpkin, frost on the ground), nonetheless it is not.

Fairy Frost happens only inside the crystal. Crystals with Fairy Frost have fractures and inclusions of air inside them. The trapped air is wispy, white and fairy-searching.

Some are a lot more fairy-like than other people. If it assists you to visualize, I would examine Fairy Frost a lot more to our functioning definition of “fog” than “frost”.

Quite a few crystals have Fairy Frost, in reality a lot more of them have it than do not have it.

A crystal with out any Fairy Frost at all, with no fractures or inclusions inside, is named optically clear or water clear.

Crystals with Fairy Frost are at times named “Devic”, for the reason that they can connect us to Nature Spirits or Deva. Since of this description, I can have an understanding of how some crystals with Fairy Frost came to be named Devic Temple crystals. But why not all? My take on this coming up.


DEVIC TEMPLE rainbows and mirror fracturesIncredibly frequently, along with the Fairy Frost there are internal fractures named Mirror Fractures. They are shiny and silvery and appear like mirrors inside the crystal. They frequently have Rainbows on them.

Incredibly frequently you will see shapes and photos in crystals that other people do not.

This does not imply the shape is only in your imagination (is not genuine), oftentimes crystals will show one thing to a particular person that is a specific message for them.

Mirror Fractures may well frequently present in shapes. Fairies, females, faces, mountains and so forth (photos beneath).


DEVIC TEMPLE alien mirror fractureMy guess is that the term Devic Temple came into getting when persons saw crystals with lots of the wispy Fairy Frost inside.

Subsequent add the magic of Mirror Fractures (which can appear like small shelves or seats, and even figures and persons).

Ultimately, the Rainbows added a specific glimmer and magic to the complete mix, voila, Devic Temple!

Now, do not get me incorrect right here, I am not implying that the crystals Do not have Fairies, Deva and Angels inside. I am just suggesting that these crystals termed Devic Temple are not the ONLY crystals which have this specific function.


Venus had this to add about why she thinks these specific crystals came to be named Devic Temple:

On the topic of Devic Temple crystals, or crystals provided that name: we see ALL naming of crystals as a human construct. We are ALL capable to residence Deva, and do that which the ‘other’ has been touted as getting Masters of.

The naming does assistance to give humans a jumping off point. This is each due to the visual nature of the crystal and the human require for tangible prompts to assistance to expertise non-visual phenomena.

To clarify, when a particular person sees a crystal with what seems to be shelves or seats, they can a lot more conveniently envision a Light Getting sitting there.

The “Devic Temple” crystals have a tendency to have a lot more intricate insides and intriguing shapes to stick to with your imagination, which gets you out of your mental, searching-for-proof minds. In this way, it is simpler to expertise the actual feeling of that Light Getting. The Getting, a lot more accurately, can be named upon to check out via the crystalline structure.

The exact same is correct with crystals with particular shapes on the insides (the “Fairies”, “Angels”, “faces” and “shapes” one particular may possibly recognize). The getting itself may possibly have altered the internal appear of the crystal to give the particular person a clue that they are obtainable to interact.

To additional clarify what Venus mentioned so eloquently above, I see the shapes of Beings not as a Getting “trapped” inside the crystal, but a lot more of a “calling card” to connect to the Getting via the crystal. I feel it is component of why I shy away from the term Devic Temple in common. In the description of a Devic Temple, the implication is that the Light Getting resides inside the crystal or is trapped there. I do not see it this way at all.

Not to overlook, there is also the consciousness of the Crystal Getting itself that is present (accessible) in just about every crystal. A lot more on crystalline consciousness right here – (speaking about crystal names and descriptions) and right here – (speaking about “Spirit Beings” in crystal).


Based on the crystal, and whether or not the Fairy Frost or Mirror Fractures represent one thing to us (Mountain or Earth Spirits, Fairies, Angels, Sprites, and so forth) we may well function with that specific power.

The wispy Frost and Mirror Fractures inside crystal is also one thing that draws us in, causes us to appear for shapes and messages, scenes and landscapes. It is like a planet inside a planet. A all-natural snow globe.

In this way, crystals with Fairy Frost (which admittedly is the majority of crystals) will connect us with nature, as it at times seems like fog we see outdoors, and with Fairies (and so forth), as it at times requires the shape of them.

Amazing DEVIC TEMPLE Images TO Appreciate

Take a appear at these crystal images from my archives. I have outlined or zoomed in on a couple of of the points I saw in the crystal. If you take a appear, it is incredibly probably that you may well see even a lot more.

DEVIC TEMPLE angel or fairy mirror fracture

Angel or Fairy, her legs appear nearly crossed, head resting on one particular knee, hands in her lap, perhaps holding one thing. Does she have a reindeer horn? Is she sitting beneath mistletoe!? If you appear at the zoom in with out the outline, she appears a great deal a lot more serene than my scribbled drawing, which was completed with a mouse, so it is not so terrific). The outline ought to just give you an region in which to concentrate to see the getting (as is correct with the following photos as effectively).

Also, do not let my outlining distract you from other Beings you may possibly see in the exact same image. Just for the reason that I didn’t outline it, does not imply it is not there.


devic temple mountain mirror fracture

A wonderful grouping of Mirror Fractures which appear just like a mountain variety to me. This is an instance of a Sigil. Sigils are generally described as occurring on the outdoors surface of a crystal, but the definition of a Sigil is applicable to scenes and messages appearing inside the crystal as effectively.


DEVIC TEMPLE mirror fracture

This small grouping of Mirror Fractures appears like a lot of distinctive points to me. I initially outlined it just as an instance of what a Mirror Fracture is, I wasn’t outlining a specific shape (even though I see a couple of now). Take a appear and perhaps you will see a story play out.


DEVIC TEMPLE mirror fractures

In this small wisp of a Mirror Fracture, I see a great deal a lot more than what I initially outlined. Once again, I was just outlining the Mirror Fracture (not a specific shape or Getting). Even so, I see arms and hands on this small Mirror Fracture, my arrow in the photo would be pointing at it is rear. I see it is perhaps holding a cat (with glowing eyes). The Getting seems to be curled more than the kitty and the Getting is searching down at it lovingly. The kitty appears at us.


DEVIC TEMPLE sprite or fairy mirror fracture

This guy demands no commentary (but appear, I gave you some anyway!). Appear at his hair! Once again, the outlining does not accurately outline the expression on his face, just offers you an region in which to appear. Seeking at the photo with out the outline, you can see some real mischievous emotion in that small Getting. A single eyebrow is raised and the other down low more than the other eye. It is why I say perhaps a Sprite. Impish, playful and old. It is not surprising to me that I drew the outline to appear like Kilroy, as he seems to be peeking out from behind a wall of sorts. Brilliant!


Ok! That is all the photos I have for ideal now. Thanks for taking this journey with me, discussing Devic Temple crystals.

Don’t forget that all crystals have the potential ascribed to Devic Temple crystals. Occasionally you will see a shape or Getting in a photograph but are unable to uncover the exact same Getting in the physical crystal after you get it residence. This is not uncommon at all.

If you really feel so led, I would continue to connect with the Getting in the crystal (being aware of it was in the photo) even if you can not “find” it in the physical crystal. If you recall, seeing the Getting in the photo is just a calling card that the Getting is obtainable for speak to, not necessarily the Getting itself.

Possibly this will inspire you to appear a lot more deeply into the crystals which reside with you (whether or not labelled Devic Temple or not) to see if there is a calling card from a Getting who may possibly like to connect with you!


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