Weekend Wanderings


It has been a bit chilly right here in the sunny South this previous week. The political advertisements are having far more various and nastier. It is uncommon these days when a candidate offers you constructive causes why you must vote for them rather than adverse causes why the other candidate is evil. I do not know how the elections are going to turn out, but no matter what takes place, my calling as a follower of Jesus does not modify.

On to the genuine explanation you are right here. The hyperlinks:

Content satisfied?
Are you haunted?
Right here is a quite touching post.
We want far more of this.
This is a issue.

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This could be a issue.

Evidently, it may well not be an insurmountable issue.
Right here is one particular spot exactly where the proper and left are coming collectively, sort of.
Is the neighborhood the answer?
Great points from the grave.

Failing the grieving.
5 terms to cease misusing.
Passing of a hero.
Hidden messages.
Taking adore for granted.

Have a blessed week!


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