Third Sunday of Lent ~ Praying Alone Collectively


Lk 13: 1-9 

Dear Good friends,

The initially two weeks of Lent every single year function the story of the temptations of Jesus and his Transfiguration. This year, with the gospel of Luke, the theme for the subsequent 3 Sundays of Lent is repentance.

Today’s gospel choice has a story of two tragedies and a parable. The two disasters, one particular triggered on objective and the other by accident, are explained by Jesus as a contact to repent. Jesus is clear. Any interpretation of the events as punishment from God is completely off the mark. All persons are liable to injustice and the foibles of each nature and human blunders. In truth, it appears that the fantastic are much more prone to this fate of unearned suffering.

Jesus is utilizing the events, along with the fig tree parable, to invite persons to take stock of their lives. The problem is, are we prepared to meet God? It is an unambiguous contact to repentance, a time to examine the state of our life in the light of God’s contact.

Understanding some thing about the fig tree aids to superior comprehend the message. Fertile soil was in incredibly restricted provide in Jesus time. This fig tree was wasting a valuable commodity due to the fact the regular fig tree was specifically fruitful. Most of the time, it created a second abundant yield for the year.

In the story of the two disasters, Jesus was encountering a trap, equivalent to the tax for Cesar query. If he chose one particular side he was for the Roman oppressor and against the persons. In the option, he was shown to be against Rome and liable to their wrath. As usual, he turned it about. He raised the problem of repentance. If they have been not prepared to meet God, they would endure a fate eventually much more tragic than the victims in the two dreadful incidents.

As generally, maintaining our eyes fixed on Jesus is most valuable in understanding the message of today’s gospel. His life is a clear message that poor factors come about to fantastic persons. But he shows us that life goes on and like prevails more than all in the finish. Likewise, it aids to see Jesus as the gardener in the parable. He each is a particular person of compassion and the guarantee of the God of “the second likelihood.”

The Lenten season is a time for us to take stock of our life. We need to have to once more embrace our merciful God. It is a time to accept our sinful situation and plunge into the sea of God’s cleansing mercy that awaits us. We are named to create the fruit of a fantastic life. The finest location to begin is to recognize each our sinfulness and God’s mercy.

Today’s gospel is very clear. Now is the time to act. We have no assure for tomorrow! The fig tree is a sign to us that we may possibly properly be in our final year to bear fruit.


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