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I typically wonder what true humility appears like. This week marked Jesus’ Kingly entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. He comes not as a military conqueror, or as a King riding on a stallion, but as a humble servant riding on a donkey. Jesus didn’t just ride on a donkey Jesus rode on a donkey and a colt. He rode not just on a beast of service, but also on its young, weak, vulnerable offspring.

In the gospels we are told Jesus rode the donkey and its colt into Jerusalem. As effectively as producing a statement about humility, I think he was also producing a statement about vulnerability. Can there be any correct humility without the need of a correct realisation of weakness? Is it achievable to definitely be humble and at the exact same time be shielded from hurt, discomfort and rejection? He enters the globe by means of the vulnerability of a child in a lowly manger, and prepares to finish his earthly sojourn by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and a vulnerable tender colt.

Some years ago I was seeking for a Counsellor. I sought an individual who would understood my discomfort, my perplexities and my challenges. I am told that correct intimacy can only be shown by letting one’s defences down and becoming open and transparent. In politics, we like candidates who recognize with our deep-seated struggles.

Now, as we method what Christianity calls the holy weekend, the humility of Jesus is not a lofty virtue, but it connects all of us who struggle with the stresses and strains of each day life. And it tells us that our energy is not in covering our weaknesses, but in recognising our weaknesses, and acknowledging the vulnerable areas exactly where we hurt with each other. As we say in addiction “there is only a single who can heal. It is the a single who has been wounded.”

“They brought the donkey and the colt, placed their cloaks on them, and Jesus sat on them.” 

(Matthew 21:7)

Pray With Me
Emmanuel, thank You for becoming humble and vulnerable for me. Yahshua, teach me to be humble in each and every location of my life, specifically as I attempt to deal with life’s hostile conditions. God, show us how Your strength is produced ideal in our weakness. In Jesus’ Name! Amen.

A unique word from the Lord, from Pastor Ray Patrick


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