Taking our cues from Jesus By Claire Musters


I have spent this Lent functioning by way of the book The Resilient Disciple. Particular elements have truly spoken to me, in particular in this manic time of juggling operate with the youngsters at property, an unexpected trip to A&ampE with my mum and preparing solutions for Holy Week. 
The emphasis on slowing down and taking valuable moments to reflect is some thing God has been urging me to do for a quantity of years now, and so following a fellow writer’s experiences and recommendations has been truly useful.
I consider it can be so crucial to do this, not only for our general sense of wellbeing and stroll with God, but also for our creativity. If we rush about all the time, as our culture persistently tells us we want to, then we finish up operating (and writing) on empty.
This week I have been pondering of what Jesus went by way of on his way to the cross. Justine Allain Chapman talks about finding out resilience from the way Jesus handled the disappointment, suffering, discomfort and desperation. He got to a spot of calm and was in a position to completely trust God, show compassion to other folks and forgive, even by way of the cross loomed significant in front of him.
How do we deal with the unexpected moments in life – specifically the challenging ones? Do we give ourselves time and space to ‘be’ and to course of action? Do we permit the struggles to shape us in what ever way God desires them to? And how do these troubles shape our writing also?
Do we use writing as an escape from reality or a way to engage much more deeply with it?
What ever the suitable answer is for you at the moment, may well the remaining days of Holy Week be ones in which you have moments to nonetheless your self, reflect, ponder and express what Jesus’ journey to the cross suggests for you. What can you find out from him right now? And what aspect can you take into your writing?
Claire is a freelance writer, speaker and editor, mum to two beautiful youngsters, pastor’s wife, worship leader and college governor. Her books include Taking off the mask: daring to be the particular person God produced you to be, Cover to Cover: Ezekiel A prophet for all occasions, Cover to Cover: 1–3 John Walking in the truth, Cover to Cover: David: A man right after God’s personal heart, Insight Into Managing Conflict, Insight Into Self-acceptance and Insight Into Burnout. She has a new Insight Guide: An Insight into Shame, coming out in Could. She also writes Bible study notes and magazine articles. To locate out much more about her, please check out www.clairemusters.com  and @CMusters on Twitter. 


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