Spread the Very good Word: Ether 12:27 (Element 1)


Today’s verse is a well-known Book of Mormon scripture on the theme of weakness. The clarity pretty much requires your breath away.

So typically, we wonder why negative items occur, why God permits specific items to influence or afflict us, and why just about every human yearns to be excellent but is held back by innate selfishness. This verse tells us that one particular purpose for our weakness is so that we can discover humility.

Now, God does not want us to be the sort of people today who are defeated, kicking dirt, and pondering, “Oh, I am so weak. I am useless. I am garbage.” That is not humility.

Humility is being aware of your spot prior to God and recognizing that He’s God and you are not. That is an empowering and liberating realization! When we appear at our weaknesses as lessons in humility, we’re on the ideal track.

We all have weaknesses that could imply items we are not excellent at, an region of life that holds us back, a temptation that plagues us, or even situations outdoors of our handle that bring us down. When we can appear at these places of weakness and feel, “This is a job for my all-effective God!” what a demonstration of humility.

God desires us to recognize Him for who He is. He desires us to recognize His Son for who He is and what He did for us. Weakness is one particular tool that He makes use of to draw us to the truth.

In the identical verse, it says, “my grace is enough for all guys that humble themselves prior to me.” See the connection involving humility and Christ’s saving grace?

We are not saved with no grace.

We can’t acquire grace with no humility.

We will not humble ourselves if we never perceive our weakness.

Keep tuned subsequent week for our final Very good Word Friday on the theme of weakness, in which we appear at the subsequent component of verse 27.

This write-up has undergone ministry critique and approval.


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