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All the birds have flown away. The dogs in the village are displaying indicators of distress. The beach is eerily quiet.

This scene was taking location on Dec. 26, 2004 in quite a few coastal habitats across the Indian ocean. Some time later the 3rd biggest earthquake on record broke out in Indonesia. Following the earthquake, killer waves radiating from the epicentre slammed into the coastlines of 11 nations, causing enormous damages from east Africa to Thailand.

The planet communicates with us by means of our senses.

Our perception of life is primarily based on what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch. These senses support us navigate by means of life and generate experiences which shape who we are, forming our notion of Self.

Other than the regular 5 senses, humans have several other senses which are much less talked about. Some of these more senses contain: capability to sense discomfort sense of balance and orientation sense of time Capability to sense adjustments in temperature and a sense of path.

Is there a thing beyond these recognized sense perceptions? A hidden element of ourselves which can support us develop as folks.


All across time, humans have relied on their senses to survive and thrive in the organic planet. Trackers and indigenous tribes nonetheless use strategies that have been honed more than centuries. For instance, a little group of native American Indians recognized as ‘Shadow Wolves’ function on the US-Mexico border and use their capabilities to catch illegal drug traffickers.

In the modern day age, our connection with the organic planet has lowered drastically. Majority of our time is spent indoors and increasingly in front of screens. It is altering how we use and create our senses. The two main outcomes are underutilisation of specific senses and a sensory overload of other folks.

Sensory overload happens due to several causes like city noise, overuse of electronic media, unhealthy diet program and habits, and so on. It impacts our thoughts and physique and has a large impact on how we react to life or discover from it. Aggression, addiction, impulsivity, loneliness, pressure are all linked intricately to our sense stimulation or lack of it.

Reconnecting with nature is a terrific antidote for restoring our wavering interest and rebalancing our feelings. Ample study findings now point to the different wellness advantages of spending time outdoors. Having said that, at the edge of science lies 1 of the greatest gifts that nature has bestowed upon all living creatures in varying degrees.



Science is interested in the diversity of life. And intuition is a lot much more conscious of the unity of life. ~ Joseph Bharat Cornell. Author of Sharing Nature.

The sixth sense is commonly made use of as a metaphor for sensing a thing beyond our recognized physical senses. In the dictionary – ‘intuition’ is defined as a point that 1 knows or considers most likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Having said that a easier and much more relevant understanding of this term is linked to heightened awareness. Awareness of the self, of other folks about us and of the atmosphere we reside in.

A classic instance comes from the quite a few reports of specific animals and birds behaving radically, a lot just before a organic disaster like an earthquake or a tsunami strikes. This reaction is attributed to the higher improvement of their senses which enables them to perceive subtle adjustments in nature.

Men and women may well have diverse interpretations for the sixth sense, but in the end it is the capability to really feel rather than consider. So it is much more about sensitivity rather than some unique sense. By functioning on our personal senses we can sharpen our awareness levels to be conscious of our personal feelings in the present moment and make wiser possibilities for our future.


SENSE Workouts

Right here are some workouts to sharpen your sense experiences. Attempt them out in a organic setting, in pairs or little groups.

Prior to you get started the stroll, stand in silence and spend interest to your senses individually for a minute every. Observe your surroundings with intention and take in the different sights colours and patterns. Move on to hearing attentively. Close your eyes and listen to all the sounds about you for a minute. Then concentrate on your breath and attempt to notice the smell of the forest. Ultimately, really feel the earth beneath your feet and be conscious of the sun and wind on your skin.

Throughout the stroll, move gradually and in silence. Uncover an suitable location in nature to pause and attempt out 1 of the workouts provided under. Share your insights with every other just before resuming the stroll and then repeat the course of action.

Eyes: Take time to determine at-least five diverse colours present in your surrounding. Spend interest to every colour separately and as you commit some time with a certain colour notice how it tends to make you really feel.

Ears: Maintain your eyes closed and steadily rotate your self in a circle to capture sounds coming from diverse components of the atmosphere. Really feel the mood of the forest, from the sounds you hear.

Touch: Uncover a one of a kind tree and really feel it with your hands to memorise it is shape, texture and contours. Then have your companion blindfold you and lead you to diverse trees to see regardless of whether you can recognise your tree with just the memory of your touch.

Nose: The sense of smell is our oldest sense. For the workout, gather leaves or flowers from diverse plants about you. Decide on any 1 and memorise it is smell by maintaining it close to your nose for a handful of seconds. Location it back in a disordered pile with other leaves and flowers. With your eyes closed, use your nose to choose out your selected object.

Taste: Carry a fruit with you on your stroll. Uncover a scenic spot to sit quietly and consume the fruit gradually. The aim is to generate a memory of the knowledge. Notice the impact of the ambience on the taste of the fruit.

Functioning on our senses opens the doors to possessing a richer knowledge of life and much more importantly fosters a feeling of getting alive.

We hope this report has provided you some intriguing tips to consider about. Our intuition says that the subsequent time you are in nature and spend interest to your senses, you will find out a thing new about your self.

Finish NOTE: If you have any other sense workouts to share, please add them in the comments section to develop our collective understanding. The Earth desires much more sensitivity from humans, so that we can hear what it is saying and take actions to shape exactly where we are going.

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