Richardson-Borne Texts With Robert Mueller —


Michael Richardson-Borne (blue) | Robert Mueller (gray)

Robert Mueller: What is the distinction involving innocent &amp guilty?
Michael Richardson-Borne: Consciousness is inherently innocent – but stories are not. In particular if these stories are who you think oneself to be. Identifying with stories is the starting of guilt.
RM: Identifying with stories creates the circumstances for guilt? [Sad Face]
MR-B: People today develop up in a culture that celebrates the separate self. Innocent at heart, as individuals develop up they are swarmed by stories that pull the thoughts away from its Accurate Becoming – which leaves a planet filled with the guilty. [Earth]
RM: So absolutely everyone I’ve ever indicted was each innocent &amp guilty, independent of crime?
MR-B: Yes. Innocent as consciousness. Guilty as the illusion of a separate self.

*This is a fictional text exchange written by Michael Richardson-Borne as a teaching of non-separation.


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