Reiki – Ripple of Universal Really like



Connect with that inner spark

     and the Correct Self inside awakens 

The gentle flames of humility and compassion

gleaming with new spiritual illumination..      

Harness ethereal, Divine strands of 

       really like from Larger realms…

Reiki light shimmers brilliantly

modest embers now ablaze and awash in a healing beacon

            aligning with strong Really like from the Universe 

Reiki light beaming…

     Infusing the energetic field, 

           spinning and flowing,

in waves from distant light-years,

Rippling across the Universe,

Magnificent life force expanding and vibrating,

       a spiral of glorious power,

              epiphany to inner peace…

Walking that profound path of light…

your Consciousness awakens, rejoicing…

Reiki poemSheryl Schlameuss Berger


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