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Some time back I wrote an report on how to utilized the Reiki Box. The Reiki Box is a extremely very simple approach. Even so, some students wanted to delve deeper and recognize how to create the Reiki intention slip. So there you go!

I am delighted that lots of students got accomplishment with the Reiki box. One particular student shared her accomplishment for the duration of a Reiki workshop in Mumbai. She was excited as she told us how he got accomplishment in having a new job with the Reiki box.

A different student sent me a WhatsApp message on seeing a partnership that was vital to her having far better and far better.

The greatest element it, any 1 who has completed Reiki 1st level can use this approach. But now lets appear at the concerns…

One particular of the query I received from a student was ‘how to create the statements in the Reiki intention slip?’

Very first of all, it really is extremely vital to note that you want to hold it extremely very simple. You want to create down what do you want in very simple language.

You want to create down what is your aim is, what is your intention is and what you want to attain?

Reiki is an intelligent power. So Reiki will do what ever is required or necessary to enable you attain your aim. We merely you want to ask and then trust that the Reiki power will do whats required.

Do we want to create in present tense as if the aim is accomplished? In my encounter, it does not matter, as Reiki is an intelligent power.

Now what about the significant targets? Like, ‘I want to be a Billionaire’, and so on.

We could have give some time for it to manifest in our reality. And though items are shaping up we want to hold faith in Reiki and hold considering good. Reiki we will do what ever is necessary for your highest excellent.

Subsequent query comes from a Reiki practitioner in Delhi. He asked me ‘do have to create the symbols’.

If you are Reiki second level practitioner then you can utilized them. You can energize the Reiki box with the Cho Ku Rei Symbol

If you are not, do never be concerned about symbols. Even as a Reiki 1st degree practitioner your Reiki will be powerful. In truth this is a approach for specially meant for Reiki 1st degree practitioners.

Reiki Second degree practitioner can also use other methods like Reiki distance healing for their targets. So never be concerned, just do what ever you necessary to enable you manifest of aim.

As soon as your intention is written on the intention slip. Then as soon as a day anytime you have
some time, do a handful of minutes of Reiki for what ever intentions you have place inside that Reiki box.

Now, even non Reiki practitioner, some of them may possibly be your loved ones members or mates can also place their Reiki intention slips into the Reiki box. You can give collectively Reiki to all the targets and intention slips.

Also do your each day meditation and you make certain you are repeating the Reiki principles as nicely.

Just for currently, I will not get anger, I will not be concerned, I will be grateful for all the things, I will devote myself to my function, I will be type to absolutely everyone.

This will enable you to be in a good state of the thoughts.

As soon as you ask Reiki to function on your targets, then you just want to trust Reiki. Reiki will do what ever you want and what ever is greatest for you and what ever is for your highest excellent.

This approach has lots of advantages. You can manifest various desires of your personal as nicely as these of your loved ones. So use this very simple approach of Reiki Box for all your targets.

Go ahead and experiment. Come back to share your encounter on this web page. When you share
what you got from this exercising, it can enable lots of other people.

You can turn out to be a guide for other people by sharing your encounter. So appear forward to your experiences.


+Sachin Bangera

Reiki Master / Teacher


About the author: Sachin Bangera is a Reiki Grand Master / Teacher primarily based in Mumbai. He is the founder of Nalanda Reiki Center.
He travels to lots of cities to spread Reiki like Ahmedabad, Delhi,
Bangalore, Pune, Nashik, London, and so on. He is a Master in Educational Psychology.
He is in to corporate education as nicely as open workshops like Thoughts Energy Workshop, Previous Life Regression workshops, and so on.. He makes use of most of his weekends in education Reiki Masters


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