Reiki For You and Me: PERMISSION Necessary OR NOT


Lots of discussion has taken location on this  subject more than the years.  Quite a few say it really is unethical to send Distant Reiki Healing to somebody who did not ask for it.  But would you not pray for somebody due to the fact they did not ask you to?  Would you not pray that a Hurricane be lessened in strength, or that it go inland in a much less populated location, or pray that rain comes to an location to place out the forest fires burning there due to the fact no one gave you permission?

Do you take into consideration Reiki to be like praying?  Let’s appear at that.  When we pray for somebody we ask for healing or aid for somebody or some predicament, realizing that God/Creator/Excellent Spirit, Buddha, and so forth.,  knows a lot superior than we do what is in the finest interests of that particular person or predicament, and that what essentially will occur is what is supposed to occur for them at that point in their life, or for that predicament. Perhaps it really is a soul contract issue, perhaps it really is a wake up get in touch with for the particular person or the globe, who knows, lots of maybe’s there.

When we send Distant Reiki Healing to somebody it really is fairly significantly the samer based on what you are taught.  Some teachers say, nevertheless, that you should not ask for any unique outcome, that you need to just intend that Reiki flows out to the particular person/predicament for their highest and finest/greatest superior.  Other teachers, like Steven Murray of, say you need to use LOTS of intention – ask for total healing, ask for the fires to place out, ask that the hurricane to dwindle away into nothing at all, and so forth.

I’ve experimented with each methods and obtain essentially that applying lots of intention genuinely powered up the “sending” as I get in touch with it.  So does that imply I am interring with or manipulating the power that is Reiki?
Is this interfering with destiny or something else? All I know is it realllllllllllllllly flows out like mad when I do this, and not as significantly if I never.

What if you passed a horrific auto accident on your way to perform one particular morning, would you quit to ask their permission to send them Reiki?  How could you?  You just do due to the fact you are compassionate and you can – it really is not possible to ask their permission, just like it really is not possible to ask five,000 men and women permission who had been impacted by an earthquake or landslide if you have their permission to send them Reiki.

We also know that if somebody does not want it, for what ever cause, they want to obtain it.  Also, we know that Reiki is an intelligent power, it goes out and does what desires to be carried out what ever we intend, so how about drop all these guidelines and just send Reiki to these in want when we can.


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