Reiki for When the Healer Gets Sick


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As healers, we practice fantastic self-care. We attempt our greatest. We consume superior naturally grown foods. We stroll in nature. We comprehend the balance of work and rest. We clear ourselves energetically and decide on to socialize with folks who are like-minded and vibrationally sound.

All of this is excellent. It is a recipe for a extended, content life, but does it imply we will under no circumstances be sick? No, of course not. That would be unrealistic. No matter how nicely we care for ourselves, there is normally the possibility that we will choose up a bug on a bus or a plane, or from a coworker’s sneeze or cough. We have buddies, relatives, little ones and grandkids that bring us into make contact with with a range of cold and flu germs, viruses and other contagious maladies. Sadly, none of us are immune from the occasional bout of sickness. We are, immediately after all, human and for that reason vulnerable to human illness.

Is obtaining sick an indicator that we are somehow failing in our practice? No way! Finding sick is an indicator that we require to spend focus to our well being in a distinctive way. It is time to slow down, rest, and take a break from our standard active lives and recuperate.

We are active, very important folks. We want to handle our lives in a way that is productive with no becoming overly taxing to our bodies. Possibly we have been overdoing it, packing as well considerably into every day. Hours spent away from our standard activities can be applied to reflect to weigh how we commit our time and fulfill our responsibilities. In our down time, we can reassess to see if we are happy with our every day routine and the path we have selected. Are we preserving a healthier perform/life balance, or is some adjustment necessary? Are our days fulfilling, or a drudgery developed solely to bring household a paycheck? In some cases our physique communicates what our conscious thoughts refuses to see.

Reiki for When the Healer Gets Sick

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When somebody we care about is ill, we may well physically perform with them to heal with Reiki hands-on healing. Alternately, we may well send them Reiki more than time and distance if they are not neighborhood to us. We may well strategy a ceremony to honor them and to see them in divine light and enjoy. Often, we need to see them as healed and entire. We under no circumstances pity them or really feel sorrow at their situation. Seeing them in the greatest feasible light, healthier and powerful, lifts them up and gives the healing strength to raise them in spirit and supply the required help. So it is for ourselves. Rather of wallowing in our illness, we give ourselves Reiki. We see our bones, tissues, cells, thoughts and heart as vibrant and powerful. We envision a state of comprehensive wellness and strength. We do not concentrate on our symptoms. We rise above the illness and mentally step into a state of wholeness.

Meditation can be a strong tool to jumpstart our recovery. Our healing meditation may well contain candles, music, sage or other tools familiar to us. We uncover a quiet spot exactly where we will not be disturbed. We settle and breathe deeply. We fill our lungs with nourishing, calming air and bring ourselves to a state exactly where we can see universal power flowing, clearing blockages and rejuvenating our physique and spirit.

If it is in our practice, we contact in assisting supportive spirits. Energy animals, angels, guides, ascended masters, entities we are familiar and comfy with. We surround ourselves with their enjoy and help. We ask them to help in clearing away the negativity or decrease frequencies that are maintaining us down.

We really should not underestimate the energy of words and the thoughts we enable. Rather of considering, “I am so sick,” we say, “My physique is powerful and healing me to wholeness.” We use this as a healing mantra all through the day and in meditation.

When we uncover ourselves beneath the climate, we do all the ideal points. As healers, we have access to lots of superb treatments: plant medicines and teas, immune strengthening necessary oils, soothing baths with Epsom salts or other components. These, along with our self-healing Reiki and focused meditation, can shorten illness and return us to wholeness.

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Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine is a traditionally educated Usui Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, and owner of Maja Power Performs and Reiki Healing. She resides and practices in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys all forms of Reiki and specifically loves employing Reiki on animals. Patti can be discovered at and


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