Peace with Ourselves — Far more Valuable


This autumn I discovered myself re-considering a familiar phrase from Psalm 40: 

“Be nonetheless and know that I am God.” 

Becoming nonetheless tends to make me feel of meditating, or time spent alone just considering and resting. For quite a few the Christmas season is one particular of the busiest instances of year – how are we supposed to match in ‘being still’? But I have been questioning no matter whether this verse is possibly much less about sitting alone silently, and additional about an attitude. In our society, getting busy appears to have develop into anticipated as if how busy you are is a great answer to how your week has been.

Possibly this verse is suggesting, although, that even if our time is complete, we do not require to reside in a perpetual state of feeling busy, rushed or overwhelmed. In a week that is complete, could it nonetheless be feasible to have a heart that knows how to be nonetheless? 

Possibly this is what peace appears like. Understanding to have a nonetheless heart in spite of the busyness, living in the freedom that comes from figuring out that He is God, not us. Possibly possessing peace with ourselves does not appear like possessing every little thing sorted, but getting nonetheless in spite of not possessing every little thing sorted. Rather than measure our requirements by our busyness, we can obtain peace in figuring out that He is God, and rest in that truth. 

This appears a wonderful theory, but how do we do that in practice? Philippians four provides us some hints at exactly where to start out: 

“Rejoice in the Lord generally. I will say it once more: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is close to. Do not be anxious about something, but in each and every circumstance, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” 

There are three items this passage tells us to do that I want to highlight: 

  1. – REJOICE. This is provided as an instruction: we are told to rejoice. Occasionally this is quick to do, in some cases this is tougher, but we are to select to rejoice in all situations. No matter whether this advent finds us complete of the joy of Christmas, or no matter whether we are feeling overwhelmed by the mad rush, we are challenged to select joy. 

  2. – PRAY. The subsequent instruction is to pray, to hand it all more than to Jesus. This is aspect of getting nonetheless and figuring out that He is God we have to be prepared to let go of attempting to be God ourselves, and hand it all more than to Him. 

  3. – PEACE. We are promised peace. We do not require to summon it up ourselves, but are promised that we will practical experience peace beyond what we can realize. This is each for our hearts and our minds, permitting us to be nonetheless and be peaceful regardless of how chaotic the planet about us could really feel. 

This advent, let’s be individuals of peace. Persons who, regardless of the busyness about us, nevertheless chaotic it could really feel, select to be nonetheless and know that He is God. Let’s select joy, hand it all more than to Jesus and enable Him to fill our hearts and minds with peace.


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