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For the previous year and a half I have been writing a book on the gospel of Jesus. I’m content to announce – it is completed!

Terrific! What’s the new book known as?

Letters from Jesus: Acquiring Excellent News in Christ’s Letters to the Churches.

Who picked the name?

You did. Likely. A couple of weeks ago I ran a poll on Facebook and the majority of voters chose this title more than The Gospel in Seven Letters. Why? Due to the fact Letters from Jesus “sounds much more private and intimate,” and this is specifically the vibe I’m attempting to convey. You have got mail. From Jesus!

What’s the book about?

It is about the astonishing superior news of grace identified in Christ’s letters…

Wait, what? Jesus wrote letters?!

Yes. They’re at the back of your Bible in the Book of Revelation.

Oh these letters. They’re strange. I do not have an understanding of them.

The letters from Jesus to the seven churches may possibly be the most misunderstood chapters in the Bible. Numerous people today dismiss them as also really hard, also strange, or also scary. “Did Jesus seriously say that?” Which is a shame, for the reason that they are letters from Jesus and they are the only letters we have.

Why did you create a book about these letters?

Due to the fact almost each book I have study and each sermon I have heard on these letters preaches condemnation and mixture. They say factors like, “Jesus loves you, but often he does not ,” “If he punishes us, it is for our personal superior,” and “If he threatens you, it is for the reason that he cares.” It is nauseating stuff.

I have a unique take on the letters from Jesus. Contrary to what you may possibly have heard, I think they are superior news from commence to finish. They are seven unqualified revelations of the intense goodness and radical favor of God.

Who do you assume you are to create such a book? Are you an archeologist or historian?

No, but I know the A single who wrote the letters, and I know Jesus wouldn’t say half the stuff that has been attributed to him.

If you know that Jesus loves you but you are scared of his letters, a thing does not add up. Could it be that you are reading his letters incorrect? Could it be that the sweet words of our Savior have been tarnished by tradition and ruined by religion?

What tends to make you the particular person to create this book?

Escape to Reality came to life for the reason that of an report I wrote in 2010 about Christ’s letter to the lukewarm Laodiceans. That report was the spark that lit the fire.

Assume about that for a moment: If you came to grace for the reason that of this web-site or one particular of my books, your journey can be traced back to that Laodicean letter. For me, that letter is a large milestone in my stroll.

So the book is a collection of old articles?

No. It is 100% original. It covers each statement and each verse in every of the seven letters, which includes the difficult ones.

For the previous ten years or so, I have been captivated by a query: how do we study the Revelation letters by means of the lens of grace? This book, Letters from Jesus, is my answer to that query.

Why should really I study this book?

Due to the fact they are letters. From Jesus! I know, ideal? How typically do you get mail from the Son of God?

These are ancient letters. Do they have any relevance for me right now?

Christ’s words are for all of us. As we unpack his letters we locate answers to age-old queries: What does God anticipate from me? Is he angry at my fears and failings? How do I hear what the Spirit is saying? How do I overcome life’s trials? What tends to make me worthy to stroll with the Lord? Am I lukewarm? Does God punish me when I sin? If I stumble, will Jesus erase my name from his book? And lots of much more.

In this book I tackle much more than 200 queries about life, the letters, and every little thing.

Sounds fantastic! Can I see an extract?

You certain can. I’ll incorporate an extract in subsequent week’s post. (If you are a Patron, you would have observed extracts from the book for the previous year or so. Hint, hint. Just sayin’.)

When can I get the book?

Letters from Jesus will come out in an ebook format in a couple of weeks. The paperback will come out Easter subsequent year.

Watch this space for announcements.


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