Occasionally I have to have a Huge Rant just before I re-study Myself.


Applying for a visa for a further nation (or even for this nation by foreigners) is a painstaking, harrowing, and downright annoying process. There are piles and piles of paperwork that should be gathered, printed and submitted. Proof of revenue, perform, housing, marriage and divorces, and in my case, of the extremely connection itself that I had with my husband. All this had to be sent to some government agency in England – my new Motherland to be. Along with these proofs, documentation of our like story was necessary. Any emails, photographs, flight records and the like all had to be printed out and remitted to some government agent, who would then approve or disapprove the validity of our connection, and make a decision if we could be with each other.

It is a scary course of action to move to a further nation but also 1 step at a time is not rapid sufficient!

When the application for the visa has been submitted, there is no telling how extended the course of action will take till they get it. I was told that it could be anyplace from four-13 weeks. How is 1 supposed to program a life about four-13 weeks? And even that quantity is not a assure, since they could return the application saying there was insufficient info, and make 1 commence the course of action all more than once more.

So my husband and I played it clever: we hired an immigration lawyer somebody to inform us no matter whether the packet we ready would be acceptable or not, so that we would only have to go by way of this nerve-wracking course of action as soon as.

Getting been married and divorced a couple of occasions, we have been told that we only necessary to submit my most up-to-date divorce decree, along with my current marriage certificate, since of course 1 couldn’t get married once more with out obtaining been correctly divorced. On the other hand, as soon as we stuffed our papers into a enormous packet of more than 1,000 pages, we received a notice that ALL of my papers have been necessary which integrated my very first divorce decree. And I didn’t have that document.

I hadn’t spoken to my ex-husband in nearly 20 years, but this necessity triggered me to attain out in a Facebook message to him. “Do you have our divorce decree?” The query hung in the air, all weekend, with no response. I went down to the county records workplace on Monday morning, only to discover out that my divorce back in 1999 was on microfiche, and it would take weeks aka forever to get me a copy.

The factor about the visa application course of action is you only have a little quantity of time to give them any more necessary documents otherwise they send every thing back to you and inform you to attempt once more later.

I would be completely fine with this entire course of action, except that I had trusted our hired lawyer and as a result had faith in our application, and as a result I had terminated my lease for each my household and my perform studio at the finish of the month. Each locations had been promised to new tenants. Meanwhile, I had a teenager to appear immediately after. I necessary a location to reside and perform if abruptly I couldn’t move to England, like I had planned.

This was it. No word from my ex, and the guarantee of a extended, drawn out course of action was assured by my government offices. Items have been seeking fairly bleak. In my automobile, on the way from the county recorder, I screamed and cried, ranted and raved. Why cannot factors ever just perform out for me? Why should I usually have to take further actions, and even then, who knows if I will get what I was immediately after?

Rather of losing my thoughts entirely, I named my mom. She had been operating diligently by way of A Course In Miracles for really some time, and she usually had some type of comfort to offer you. As I frantically spat the story into her ear, she calmly and lovingly replied “may I invite you to see that every thing that is coming up about you is coming from inside you?”

My heart skipped a beat. “Yes.”

All of the voices chirped up in my head… “but how?? Why? Who???”

SHHHHHH!!! I shut these voices down, heart and ears open to absorb what ever wisdom my Mom wanted to toss at me.

“How is this all about you? How is every thing your fault? Is it definitely so?” she quietly queried.

And that is when the light hit. The truth is, life usually operates out for me. Constantly. How do I know? I am now just before you, alive and breathing. Content and peaceful. As Louise Hay would say “healthy, entire and complete”.

Occasionally factors do not go according to my timeline. Occasionally they do not go according to my program. But the most wonderful, amazing factor to comprehend is that factors usually go according to divine time. Items usually perform out completely.

As I chewed on this believed, I tasted the sweetness of the unknown. I felt a peace, a reassurance settle more than me. If there was a delay in my program, then I should stay right here, for some purpose larger than I knew or understood. It would all perform out in my favor. It usually has and it usually will. That is the guarantee of God, the universe, Buddha, Jesus, or whomever you like to refer to. In that moment, I re-acquainted myself with that truth, and totally produced buddies with that guarantee.

My heart price slowed and my breath deepened. I felt the warm safety of the unknown wrap about me like a blanket. I can do this! What ever “this” is, it will be completed, and I will be okay! My daughter will be okay! Almost everything will be okay! I will hereby let every thing unfold in great, divine order, and I will quit insisting and resisting that I have it my way.

Acceptance of what IS instantly knocked the weight of expectation off of my shoulder.

Instantaneously, I felt lighter. I was free of charge. I was entirely open to what ever wanted to show up subsequent in my life. “Take me wherever you want me to go” I whispered excitedly in my automobile, to no 1, to no factor, and but, to the planet. “I am so pleased and grateful for my life and all that takes place!”

Smiling, peaceful… I felt my telephone buzz. It was my ex. He had my divorce documents and I could choose them up correct away.

Rebecca Marie

Rebecca Marie

Rebecca began writing immediately after a traumatic occasion changed her life’s trajectory. She loves to uncover secrets on her journey and share them with the planet, each and every day endeavoring to reside in her highest calling. You can comply with her on instagram at instagram.com/athenasfire or go to her web-site www.athenasfire.com

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