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This is lengthy and I am sorry. My SO and I have been with each other for 1.five years. We got married seriously immediately just after meeting 1 a different. I do not regret that at all. I like him much more than something. He’s my other half.

The dilemma is his behavior often. This situation in specific bothers me to no finish. Early into our partnership he knew I am really passionate about functioning out and becoming in shape. I go to the fitness center all the time. I am not a standard fitness center girl who posts photographs of myself in leggings and sports bras… But I have posted some (really couple of) exactly where I am wearing leggings and a tank best on my Instagram. He saw these when we initially got with each other. Did not say a factor about it bothering him. When we initially got with each other we even went to the fitness center with each other a lot. I wore leggings. No situation with it. No comment.

Then actually out of nowhere he tells me it tends to make him uncomfortable that I put on leggings and he’d choose that I did not. He wasn’t rude about it but he wasn’t good about it either. I acknowledged him and apologized that this produced him uncomfortable. Told him they are comfy and uncomplicated in particular for functioning out. I cannot put on shorts in the winter and I appear like a 12 year old boy in sweatpants. I did not inform him I would quit wearing them. For the reason that honestly, what the hell? I’ve been in emotionally abusive relationships in my previous. I’ve let men and women stroll all more than me. I ultimately told myself that I am not going to be that individual any longer. I located my voice and I stopped letting a man inform me how to be/who to be/manipulate me. So why would I quit wearing leggings?

He mentions it a second time. A bit ruder this time. Pisses me off, I alter out of my leggings for the evening. But I do not quit wearing them.

And the final and most current time he went off on me. I was providing him kisses, becoming sweet, saying goodbye mainly because I was going to function. Then he bursts out, “I fucking hate that you put on that shit”. And is yelling and swearing at me mainly because of leggings! I did not say a word, threw on shorts (it was cold as hell outdoors also) and left. Texted him later that morning to say that was uncalled for and that him attempting to handle what I put on is messed up. He somehow turns it into “I shouldnt have to ask you much more than when to do a thing so of course I got mad and I have every single correct to be mad”. I argued my side to no avail. He acts cold and like an asshole all day, ignores me. I get household and attempt to speak to him calmly. He acts cold and tries to twist my words to make me appear like the villian and to make it look like I am in the incorrect. Other factor that pisses me off is that he told me that wearing leggings is for college girls. I am IN COLLEGE! Also this is extremely false.

Anyway, I give up on fighting. But I nonetheless put on leggings and this is most likely why this bothers me so undesirable. I just have to hide wearing them from him. I will alter into garments at the fitness center but ahead of I leave I place on sweatpants or a thing. I do not put on leggings as comfy or uncomplicated garments any longer. Not even when I do not leave the residence. I really feel undesirable about hiding it but it is just so stupid to me. Not attempting to brag but I have a good physique that I function challenging for. I really feel like he need to be proud of that as an alternative of attempting to force me to coverup. I under no circumstances speak to other guys and guys do not speak to me. On the really really really uncommon occasion somebody does, I turn them down quickly and inform them I a married. I do not let everyone even entertain the believed of becoming with me. I speak about him all the time to actually absolutely everyone!

So friendly men and women of Reddit, can you give me any suggestions on this? Am I incorrect for saying screw it and wearing them anyway?

TLDR! my SO tries to handle what I put on. I am sick of hiding it.


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