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I lately had a fairly intense expertise exactly where I was in a dark spot and I wonder if you can relate. 

It felt like the globe was closing in: every thing was so busy and overwhelming, I couldn’t really feel joy or inspiration, I felt heavy and despairing. It seemed like every thing was incorrect and I would by no means get out

I’ve felt this way quite a few occasions prior to, and have discovered more than the years how to move beyond this extra and extra fluidly and promptly. I’ve also discovered lengthy ago not to think any of it, no matter how “real” it appears, which I do not.

In the previous I would remind myself that this was just a haze and I didn’t will need to obtain in, that I could breathe and bring in light and let it dissolve…and it would. But this time, it was heavier, denser, extra persistent, and even darker.

I began to worry I would by no means get “beyond it” this time. No matter what I told myself, I could not see my way out.

Via sharing what I was feeling with my husband (who is a seriously remarkable listener,) it lifted. Witnessing and sharing it with him permitted it all to release.

The shame and worry that had prevented me from carrying out that sooner is what produced it so persistent. I believed if I kept it inside, it would not develop. It would not be “real.” That just gave it strength and kept me in distress battling against this power.

When I refused to obtain into the “wrongness” of what I was feeling, I could just share it, and it dissolved.

But the portion I wanted to share about wasn’t just that.

It is what I realized about our feelings and how they can ANCHOR us into darkness.

When we really feel anger, despair, hurt, or any emotion, and Invest in INTO the concepts that go along with it (like “there is one thing incorrect with me I shouldn’t really feel this!”) we are wide open for all the other energies and concepts that match this frequency.

It is like we’re an power SPONGE and we suck up all the negativity about us that is a match for that reduce frequency.

For me it felt like a dark entity coming on board to hijack my program.

Just that believed alone was scary, like it had an power of its personal! (It does not!)

The way I responded was to try to remember “I am in charge, I am powerful” and “I establish exactly where and how this goes.”

I remembered I am normally resourced.

Even although I didn’t know how to open to one thing larger, how to let this go, I stayed present to the understanding that somehow, I DO have all I will need, and it IS all okay.

Yes, it was challenging. I didn’t like it. But I chose to resonate with one thing larger AND to let myself really feel and express the darkest, deepest yucky stuff I was feeling. I let myself be Noticed in the icky spot I had located myself in.

THIS is what has us no longer be a “host” to these dark vampire-like energies. We are no longer resonating at that frequency since we do not obtain in AND we’re prepared to be observed and not shame ourselves into shutting down!

I’m totally free not since I do not really feel poor occasionally, not since I’m fantastic and not susceptible to reduce-frequency thoughts….but since I Decide on to like myself by way of them, to not obtain into what the thoughts say, to let myself be Noticed since I know I’m stunning in all of it.

-and since I was prepared to celebrate myself in this space (and not hide it or fight against it), this stunning man who served as a catalyst for my awakening could obtain me and be there for me as well.

If you have struggled with anxiousness or depression, it is okay to quit fighting, to quit hiding, to try to remember WHO YOU ARE and let oneself be totally free.

If you’d like to go deeper with this, I developed the MindBody Option for Anxiousness to help!! 

***In this system, I bring you by way of a profound four- week integration to release old patterns of fight-or-flight, and enter prosperity, ease, and permit huge healing.

(I like this system since we went REEEALLY deep in the calls, and you will do the transmutive function along with us in the recordings! It is really strong!!)

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Right here is what participants had to say about the MindBody Option for Anxiety…

“For any person who’s pondering about carrying out this system: Do it! It is remarkable and life altering! I have reversed and resolved lengthy-term worry challenges. In a matter of minutes I have gone from despair to healthier, excited and alive. Thank you Dr. Kim!”Liz Jutras



“I had attempted actually every thing. THIS got me off thousands of dollars of supplements and ended my fatigue and anxiousness!” – Joan Norton


If you have been struggling, or even just feeling disconnected, I invite you to SHARE with somebody you like, or with oneself, what’s actually going on inside you?

Let it OUT! You do not will need to be afraid or ashamed.

Share with a buddy, or just at least share with oneself and journal.

Share in the MindBody Neighborhood if that resonates.

Sending you Like and I appear forward to connecting extra quickly!


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