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Justice is swift.  Each Action effects the balance of the Universe.


“Just about every kind of power ought to be directed, ought to be applied with integrity to the complete satisfaction of its destiny.” Nature is not just, it is precise. And, understanding is it really is a ruler. 


When our actions and words are Integral, justice flows for us and adjustments takes place with no efforting. 


Our function as humans is to be in the specifics of our power method(physique/thoughts) and field*.  Noticing our physical &amp feeling responses to every little thing as we relearn our intuitive nature.   It really is a new way to relate to ourselves and the globe.  It is subtle.  


To help my heart, physique, thoughts, and soul move fluidly, I consciously direct the energies inside me moment to moment.© 




 Photo by: Johannes Plenio 




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