Jenny Dent’s Spiritual Blog: A Hope-Filled New Year


In his New Year`s day talk the Archbishop of Canterbury
spoke of the challenges of living together harmoniously in our communities and
countries, when so many people from different backgrounds, cultures and
religions are now drawn together in their lives and work. He said that hope
lies in our capacity to approach this new year honouring our common values and
commitment to one another. He ended by wishing everyone a `hope-filled new

In his Christmas day message, the Pope spoke on a similar
theme of hope and used the evocative illustration of a mosaic. He said, `Our
differences are not a detriment or a danger, they are a source of richness. as
when an artist is about to make a mosaic, it is better to have tiles of many
colours available rather than just a few. As brothers and sisters we are all
different from each other. We do not always agree, but there is an unbreakable
bond uniting us.`

Our Queen also gave a hope-filled message about the power of
family love, faith and friendship between so many countries of the world,
mentioning the Commonwealth and the Invictus games.

For many years now White Eagle has been offering a
hope-filled message telling us of the progress humanity as a whole is making as
we move forward into the Aquarian age of true brotherhood. As we listen to
world news we can allow ourselves to become anxious and downcast, but we have
the choice, I believe, and this is my New Year Resolution: to choose to look
at the world today with great hope in my heart at all times, no matter
what the latest crisis. We really are moving forward in a positive way to a new
era of greater tolerance, heartfelt understanding and world-wide friendship.

And in White Eagle`s own words, (printed in his book The
Lightbringer, on page 86): `We give you hope…earth`s humanity has awakened and
slowly, almost inperceptibly, responds and raises itself, even as a child stirs
in the womb. The earth is surely moving towards its own birth; it will become
spiritualised so that its very crust, its outer substance, is changed and

So, I too wish you a hope-filled New Year!


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