Indicators a Connection is Becoming Toxic


Spirit to Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a Individual who loves you just as you are.

He desires to guard you. He does not speak to your brain, mainly because that is exactly where we think lies that appear logical.

The Spirit speaks to your inner individual – to your spirit. He says you are acceptable. Listening to that inner voice will enable make you sensible and secure.

Jesus respects your boundaries. He is a gentleman He never ever forces you.

For that reason, it is suitable to anticipate these with whom you associate to respect your boundaries.

The Lord desires you to stand in your accurate identity.

So what’s the remedy to test the sincerity of the individual you are establishing a trusting partnership with?

Set a boundary.

Smile. Place your hand up. Say no.

It does not have to be some thing substantial, but set a boundary. And preserve it! Perhaps say no, then stroll out of the area.

How the individual responds tells you about their motives and character. Healthful individuals listen with respect and honor your boundary.

A toxic individual will comply with, attempting to manipulate you to transform the boundary. If he can not get you to budge, he might develop into punitive.

That is toxic.

His motive? He disrespects you. He is not trustworthy. Be cautious you are moving forward into a unsafe spot.

Keep in mind.

The Holy Spirit loves you. He meets you in your spot of need to have and brokenness, not with rebuke or censure, but with words of kindness.

He says, “I enjoy you with an everlasting enjoy. For that reason with loving kindness I draw you to myself.”

His enjoy is unconditional! He does not give a list of points you have to do to be loved. But in the midst of your mess – He reaches down to comfort you.

His motive? He sees you as a valuable treasure, worthy of enjoy and respect.


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