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The chakras are a key technique of our body’s power structure.  The word chakra is Sanskrit in origin, which means wheel or vortex.  The chakras are the body’s power centers, situated along the spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head. 

The chakras are the power body’s info transmission technique.  They are the organizing centers for reception, absorption, and transmission of life energies.  The chakras acquire info in the kind of subtle energies of the Universal Life Force from our atmosphere – physical, emotional and spiritual.  They absorb and assimilate the energies, and then transform the energies into info that is valuable for the person.  They are core centers for the coordination network of our interconnected thoughts/physique technique. 

The chakras are radiant clusters of power, every single vibrating at a unique frequency.  There are seven major chakras situated along the spine, with every single impacting and influencing every single other as properly as the physical physique and organs.  For instance, the heart chakra is situated at the center of the chest, close to the lungs.  When one particular experiences a time of grief or fantastic sorrow the lungs can be impacted from a very simple chest cold to pneumonia. 

When the chakras acquire as well substantially adverse power from our beliefs, thoughts and feelings they can develop into sluggish or unbalanced.  The chakras should stay vibrant and clear for optimum well being and properly-getting.  Reiki can assistance the chakras stay sturdy and resilient, resulting in far better physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  


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