How do unfavorable feelings or unfavorable vibration protect against Spiritual Ascension ?


Right here query arise how does this vibes&nbspprevent from spiritual improvement.
&nbspwell when a person practice spirituality . he start out to attract larger energies , larger vibes&nbspin type of peace primly. these energies 1st enter into his power field and start out removing undesirable energies, undesirable vibrations of one’s discomfort ,depression but if he is continuing&nbspwith non veg diet plan . It boost workload for constructive power.The battle involving superior and undesirable energies outcome in type of detoxification,which&nbsp have to faced by particular person who is practicing spirituality. That’swhy&nbspif he is performing his practice along with taking non veg diet plan he is just empowering each energies.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Like performing practice he give extra constructive power to his power field and simultaneously&nbsphe is also taking other undesirable vibes&nbspand give extra unfavorable vibes&nbspto his power field .
in such instances sometime he really feel really constructive&nbsp,peace , really like when larger energy get stronger than decrease energy and sometime he may possibly really feel excess feeling of lust ,greed,rage when decrease energy get stronger than larger energy.
this may possibly come about in these case exactly where particular person even dont take non.veg,then it is look at that he either have extra negativity in his power field or he is absorbing unfavorable vibes&nbspfrom one thing or a person.


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