Homegrown Worship Release a different Hit – Shelter


Obtain oneself in the shelter of God’s enjoy with this week’s Homegrown Worship release…

Immersed in harmonies, subtle beats, developing drums and lofty strings, Shelter is a song for these needing refuge from the daily downpours, the torrents of life, and every thing in involving.

Intimate but effective, Shelter takes inspiration from Psalm 84, drawing from storm imagery each lyrically and musically as the mid-section swells with thunderous clap samples and textured vocals.

The story behind the the song…

Shelter is a song about figuring out the security of God’s enjoy. A connection with God is a stunning point. Via the ups and downs of operating a business enterprise, I regularly hear God’s voice speaking to me and calling me to take time out with Him so that I can be the entrepreneur I’m gifted to be, so that I can develop as a husband, father, son and brother, and so I can be a blessing to the men and women I interact with.

Sheltering in God may possibly involve engaging with the act of Sabbath. In our 24/7 culture exactly where so a lot of of us are permanently plugged in to our screens all day extended, God is waiting for you in a location of quiet and rest. Perhaps you really feel battered by the storm or there’s just been a continuous drizzle either way, take refuge and shelter in God’s property.

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