Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em?


I’ve been possessing some critical angst about what to do when I develop up. I was right here in January of 2018 and now I’m back. I went to see my former spiritual director. She created reference in our conversation to the song by Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler.” It created me chuckle for the reason that I had just listened to that CD earlier this week immediately after I do not know how a lot of years. Really like his music.

I know that when it comes to my choice generating, I do not have a dilemma with stick-to-it-ness. I can hold ’em indefinitely. I will attempt each avenue no matter how lengthy it requires or how frustrating it gets. My error generally lies in figuring out when to fold ’em.

I’ve sought out some sensible people to enable but it is nonetheless a daunting endeavor. Some say you have to do what you are passionate about. That is the foundation for all else. Other individuals say it is mainly a job, an avenue for generating cash. Passion is the icing on the cake. I believe I’ve decided you have to have to balance the two.

One particular of the items I got out of spiritual path is that my underlying feelings are in conflict. We not too long ago created a quite big monetary choice. Whilst I believe it was the “right” couple choice, I found I wasn’t as emotionally comfy as I believed I was. I know it is really hard to think that a lady who wears her heart on her sleeve so blatantly even has underlying feelings, but it does take place on uncommon occasions. At any price, postponing monetary wiggle area has created my operate search a bit much more frantic.

I really like selection and I really like that I have had so a lot of distinct experiences in life exactly where I have been in a position to earn cash. At the exact same time, moments like this I want I just had that a single basic factor. So a lot of of my endeavors need networking and marketing ad nauseum. How do you evaluate if you are utilizing your time and power wisely? How lengthy do you retain possessing conversations that appear so promising but turn out to be fruitless ahead of you just quit possessing them?

Anyhow, that is exactly where I am at these days. I have an appointment with Darren in just a couple of moments. I’ve blogged about him numerous instances more than the years. He is the final “ear” that I have scheduled with and I am hoping we come up with some valuable plans of actions for how to move forward.

So please really feel absolutely free to share your personal stories. And retain these prayers coming. I have to have to know when to stroll away and when to run. Or perhaps remain place.

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