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by Dale Anderson

four/18/18 Christian Living

I do not know about you, but I just had no notion how to speak to God, let alone hear Him or have self-assurance I was hearing His Holy Spirit. I saw in the Bible that my faith depended on hearing Him (Romans 10:17) and that Jesus stated Holy Spirit would speak to me and be in me (John 14:16), but how would I know that?

I just had no self-assurance. My heart was overflowing with anxiousness about life and my thoughts was complete of so quite a few concerns and accusations. I could study that God had a remedy known as “the peace of God that transcends all understanding” (Philippians four: 6–8), but it wasn’t putting a guard more than my heart and thoughts! I was confused and troubled by the accusations bombarding my thoughts, tormenting my soul!

Then 1 day whilst reading and contemplating the Scriptures, I connected with 3 verses that have had a profound impact on my life. Very first, in Genesis 1:1 we see God at the center of creation.

In the starting God . . . (Genesis 1:1)

Subsequent in affirming the centrality of God in creation comes John 1:1. John begins his gospel by telling us that in the starting was the Word—and the Word was God. So once again God is speaking and is the central concentrate of life. And lastly, John in his 1st letter says: that which was from the starting, which we have noticed and our hands have touched, this we proclaim to you (1 John 1:1–2).

I realized that life’s story started with God at the center and that, with God at the center, He was speaking. I realized that if I place God 1st in each region, He would speak to me there in these locations. I realized that God was speaking to me by means of the life of His son Jesus, the living Word. I realized that in some way I was invited to see and touch God, and from that expertise proclaim what I had seasoned. So I began to study about the life of Christ, and ask myself how His behavior reflects His character and hence the nature of God. As I did this, I would expertise moments of a deep spiritual touch. I would seespecific circumstances in a new way. In essence, I awoke to the truth that I was starting to hear God’s voice! I was really excited!

Then, I heard a number of teachers on prayer speak about quite sensible techniques of praying the prayers of the Bible. So I started a search for the prayers of the Bible and, lo and behold, discovered that the Bible is complete of men and women praying, and I just figured—hey, if it worked for them, then it would operate for me.

As I started praying the prayers of the Bible, phrase by phrase, not getting in a hurry, the Word of God began to fill my soul, touch my spirit, develop a additional joyful method to my life, and anchor me in complicated circumstances. I could begin to see, tiny by tiny, the communion that was taking spot, and self-assurance in God’s nearness rose—even self-assurance that the voice of the Holy Spirit was whispering in my heart enhanced considerably.

So, I created a choice. I decided to take God at His word, and I asked the Lord Jesus to take handle of each region of my life. I asked Him to be on the throne in each region of my life. That gave me the self-assurance that He would speak to me in these locations since I was generating Him the central concentrate of my life. Recall, He is usually speaking, but we have to make Him the central concentrate so that our hearts grow to be in tune with His voice.

As I set God in the center, He began to lead me to quite sensible techniques I could communicate with Him. I took the prayers or songs of the Bible (psalms and hymns in the book of Revelation) and gradually, phrase by phrase, often spending weeks on 1 phrase, I did 3 points with these phrases.

Very first, I expressed gratitude for the contents of the phrase. “Jesus, thank you. Thank you that you are the faithful witness” (Revelation 1:five). Secondly, I would agree with the truth of the passage. “Jesus, I agree, yes, it is true—you are the faithful witness.” You will be shocked how a lot transformation requires spot in your heart when you and I express gratitude and agree with the prayers of the Bible.

Ultimately, I ask for additional insight or information and facts. “Jesus, inform me additional about what it indicates to be a faithful witness.” It was these 3 points that helped me touch the Word, and in turn, Holy Spirit would inspire me.

The subsequent sensible factor I would do is what I will contact adoration. In this approach, I use the names or attributes of God. Occasionally I use the letters of the alphabet to trigger a name or attribute of God and then adore Him for it. So, for instance, M—Mighty God (Isaiah 9:six) and I would say, “God, I like You, You are the Mighty God.”

Then, 1 day whilst adoring Jesus, the Mighty God, I prayed, “and fill me with Your might” (Ephesians three:16—strengthen with may well). All of a sudden I realized that the prayers of the Bible would act as triggers to a conversation and to cross-references inspiring self-assurance.

This is what I’ve completed for 40 years as a believer.

My heart nevertheless moves at the sound of His voice. More than the years, self-assurance has grown and my heart is hungry for the words of His mouth. Exactly where are you in hearing the voice of Jesus? Perhaps it is time for you to establish these uncomplicated techniques of communication that construct self-assurance in partnership.

What can you do to hear God’s voice improved?

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Dale Anderson

Dale has been a teacher for more than thirty years, serving as a public college teacher (BEd, University of Calgary) and a Bible teacher. He was a missionary in Gliwice, Poland, from 1992 to 1999, exactly where he taught English and established a church focused on prayer and intimacy with Jesus. Dale is the author of Mercy Wins: Understanding Mercy in a Merciless Age, and has a passion to see the international Church established in evening-and-day prayer with fasting. Dale and his wife, Cheryl, have two young children, Jordan (married to Victoria), and Bethany.


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