From triumph to tragedy – Living the life God intended


Hi how was you week? We are coming to the time in the Christian calendar when we bear in mind and celebrate what Jesus did for us on the cross: extra usually identified as Easter. But have you ever believed about the events major up to that, specifically these in the final week. Let’s take a appear at them and see what influence they can have on our lives.

The initial occasion is the triumphal entry. We study the story in Luke 19: 28 to 40. Jesus came close to to the mount of Olivet and as He came close to, He asked for a donkey. As soon as the disciples got the donkey, they place clothing on the donkey and set Jesus on it. They then led Him down the decent of the Mount of Olives. The folks had been rejoicing and placing clothing and palm branches down and calling Jesus their King.

If this occurred to us, we would be rejoicing as well and would possibly be a small prideful but not Jesus. He knew what was up ahead and was just in the moment. This was His moment of triumph of a life effectively lived in obedience to His Father.

Often, when we are on that mountain and all appears to be going effectively, we want to bask in the triumph. But I am right here to remind you that we need to have to get pleasure from these moments and then do what Jesus did and continue obeying God. Why? Due to the fact opposition will come. Jesus identified that out a couple of hours later when He went into the temple and drove out these who purchased and sold in it.

The rest of that week was spent teaching in the temple, getting confronted by the religious leaders and spending the nights on the mountain of Olivet. Jesus was in Jerusalem that entire week. But there came a day when every thing changed.

In Luke 22: 47 to 53, Jesus was betrayed by Judas and arrested. This was the begin of an intense trial. But to me, a single of the saddest components and a tragedy of all of this is identified in chapter 23:18. The folks wanted Jesus killed. My query is had been these the exact same folks who had celebrated Him just a couple of days prior to and named Him their King? What occurred to modify their thoughts? Was it peer stress or a thing a bit extra deep rooted? I am not positive but a single point I know they changed their minds about Jesus.

It is a fantastic story for us in extra approaches than a single. When we are on the mountain and folks are celebrating with us, are these exact same folks going to turn on us as well? Our celebration should really be in God. We need to have to get our worth and worth from God, mainly because as this story shows, peoples opinions of us can turn quickly.

A further lesson is that when all is going correct in our lives, do we celebrate Jesus and when factors are not going correct, do we turn from Jesus. We need to have to be cautious in our personal lives that we maintain our terrific connection with Jesus, no matter what is taking place in our lives.

This Easter bear in mind what Jesus did for you but also bear in mind what Jesus taught us in the week prior to. This week maintain a terrific connection with Jesus, no matter what is taking place. You can do it. Bless you heaps and have an remarkable week



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