Father Terry’s Spiritual Stuff: Becoming Discovered*


Some persons inform me that they can’t uncover God.  They wonder if they are atheists or are just searching in the incorrect spot, but there is no God in their lives.  I recommend that possibly God, if there is a God, does not often want to be located by our active efforts or search.  Maybe God desires to do the locating, and we should really just wait and be located.  So how to do this?  Meditation is a way.  In meditation, you do much less and you let God or some Power or Energy uncover you.  Meditation typically implies getting nevertheless in a single spot, letting go of your concentrate on thoughts, and words.  Be nevertheless and attempt to be open.  To what?  Good query.  As extended as you do not attempt to know what the what is, you will be open to God getting who God desires to be for you.


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