Distant Healing – Crystal Healing with Deb’s Glad Stones



Did you know you can make a grid and send distant healing to a person or scenario? You can do this in a quantity of ways….

~ 1st and foremost you ought to ask permission the explanation for this is you may perhaps NOT interfere with an additional person’s cost-free will and their life journey. You ought to honor their acceptance or declination of it, their healing is not about you.

~ then analysis which crystals are finest to use for that specific scenario that you are hunting to heal…

~ when setting up your grid, spot a image of the individual, scenario, group, spot etc… that you are hunting to send healing to

~ create on a piece of paper what you want to send, even a mantra or affirmation is incredibly strong!!

~ spot this all beneath the generator (middle cyrstal) on your grid

~ spot your crystals about your grid, use clear quartz points to amplify, you can spot out or in towards generator based on if you are sending the energy out or into the grid.

~ attempt to use only three forms of crystals only to keep away from crystal chaos.

Featured image is a distant healing grid I produced for a person a even though ago for a person I know in the hospital, my intention for this grid was to send strength, really like &amp healthier energies to him &amp his family….my belief is every single optimistic believed you send out there certainly assists &#x1f642

Have exciting and take pics to share 


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