disabled Christianity: Universal mature ministry criteria


I was in a meeting the other day exactly where the subject of ministry maturity came up. One particular comment was produced that every church is so distinctive there could not be criteria across all churches. I was just listening into the meeting so did not comment, but absolutely nothing could be additional from the truth. Just to prove that point, right here are a list of some criteria I came up with, just off the best of my head, that would be applicable to any church, that they could use to measure their personal ministry’s development toward maturity. These could also apply to one’s church typically.

  1. Friendships created with persons with disabilities
  2. Persons with disabilities present in all church social activities
  3. Persons with disabilities present in the frequent worship service
  4. Persons with disabilities present in men’s groups, women’s groups, senior’s
    groups, and so on.
  5. Pastor addressed problems associated to disability from the
  6. Persons with disabilities integrated into frequent Sunday College classes – young children
    and adult
  7. Persons with disabilities sought out and invited to church – young children and adults
  8. Church membership supplied to persons with disabilities
  9. Integrated ministry which includes persons with disabilities
  10. Persons with disabilities offered possibilities for service (greeters, children’s
    ministry, safety, and so on.)
  11. Persons with disabilities are in leadership
  12. Properties exactly where persons with disabilities reside are visited
  13. Church network supports persons with disabilities with employment possibilities
  14. Church network supports persons with disabilities with living possibilities
  15. Persons with disabilities invited to recreational possibilities (ball games,
    concerts, and so on.)
  16. Church culture alterations such that persons with disabilities encounter integration
  17. Church reflects on traditions to decide irrespective of whether they are discriminatory
    towards persons with disabilities
  18. Assists ministries created for persons with disabilities living in poverty
  19. Parents of persons with disabilities are supplied respite on a private level
  20. Persons with disabilities are invited to family members activities like Thanksgiving
    dinner or children’s Halloween activities as adult observer
  21. How a persons with disabilities is carrying out in her private life (friendships,
    finances, other requires) is recognized and addressed.

These are only a get started, but Each church could be engaged in expanding in these locations.



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