Deep Faith in the Rhythm of Life


Deep Faith in the Rhythm of Life
Life is generally unfolding according to the excellent harmony
and order that tends to make all items attainable. There is a all-natural rhythm of providing
and getting, of action and stillness, of peace and enjoy. This ebb and flow
consists of all of life, all beings everywhere.
I am an vital aspect of this rhythm of life. The ebb and
flow moves by means of me in a excellent harmonious pattern.
I accept the rhythm of life as it is expressing by means of me.
I permit myself to deepen and trust completely what comes to me by means of the
generosity of the giver of all of life. I open to the flow of enjoy and harmony,
order and peace. I reside in quiet realization that the great of God is completely
present in my life proper now and I open to expertise it extra completely. I trust it
I give wonderful thanks for this realization and I let it be.
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa


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