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Father thank You for Your steadfast and unchanging enjoy.   Thank You for top us and for guiding us in the way that You would have us to go.   Father You are great and we thank You for becoming so great to us.    Proper now Father we speak life.   We speak life to our lives and the lives of these about us.    Father we know that You see it all.  You know to the finest detail every thing that the enemy is attempting to bring about in our lives.   Father we take handle of the circumstance correct now.   We bind him up correct now.   Every single adverse circumstance that he has attempted to invoke upon us, we bind up, cast down, and cancel correct now.   Father thank You for empowering us to speak forth Your blessings.  Thank You for displaying us who we are in You.    

Proper now Father we speak forth life.   We plead the blood of Jesus more than our lives and more than our households.   Father just as Jesus commanded the death garments to loose Lazarus and let him go, we command every thing that has been attempting to invoke sickness, illness, lack, insufficiency, be concerned, discomfort, and death upon our lives to loose us and let us go.   We get in touch with forth healing and raise correct now.    We get in touch with forth strength and energy correct now.   We get in touch with for a release of every thing that the enemy has been interfering with and holding up in our lives.    Father, no longer shall he hold us captive.   We have been set totally free by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.    We are saved.   We belong to You.   You empowered us and we know that You are our shield and our protection.   We know that every thing we have will need of is located in You.    

Father we know that the enemy does not have the energy to cease what You are performing in our lives.   He can hinder but he cannot cease it.   So correct now we command him to get out of the way so that every thing that You have ordained for our lives can come forth now so that we can not only be blessed but so that we can also be a blessing to other folks in Jesus name … Amen. 


Proverbs 18:21 

King James Version (KJV)

21 Death and life are in the energy of the tongue: and they that enjoy it shall consume the fruit thereof.


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