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Destiny of Souls: New Case Research of Life Involving Lives by Dr. Michael Newton is no longer “new”, in terms of date, published in 2000.  But…

… it is substantially new in terms of what Newton explores through his several customers. At least I’m not conscious of other performs that have constructed upon or replicated what he has laid out, in wonderful detail, in the book.  Of course, other “past life regression” therapists have carried out comparable operate and continue to create books.  Devoid of obtaining study them, I visualize they would have a tendency to confirm core implications of Destiny of Souls”.  

Having said that, Newton’s concentrate in each this book and his other folks (a single was prior, Journey of Souls, 1994) is what occurs in people’s disembodied state among the many incarnations he believes most persons have. (This became his concentrate from early in his lengthy profession, even though not some thing he had even believed in when beginning out.) One particular prospective boon for us is what it may possibly help us discern about each about our private soul-life and the nature of life and consciousness a lot more broadly.

In my view, there is valid cause to have some concerns about the information of client descriptions or about the author’s conclusions on particular matters.  Some of these concerns Newton addresses in several areas in the book, even though I suspect the “defenses” are missed by several readers, specially the stronger skeptics (usually 1 and two star reviewers) who typically study only a couple chapters or skip sections.

Finer-point skepticism aside for now, right here is why I think the general operate by Newton, and this book in certain (I’ve not study his other folks, stated to be overlapping) to be quite essential:

It presents a credible fleshing-out of the dynamics of reincarnation, extensively believed in but tiny understood.

It presents option explanations of suggestions on each “sides” of the resurrection/reincarnation divide (Judeo-Christian vs. “Eastern”). 

Let me elaborate on these a tiny (there’s a lot to potentially incorporate). Some background: Reincarnation is a majority view of the “destiny of souls”, taken worldwide.  Even in the “Christian nation” of the USA, polling indicates about 20 – 25% think in some kind of reincarnation, such as several who determine as Christian.  No matter if you are a believer or not in reincarnation, there should be some basis for its wide appeal and some causes why so tiny is typically understood about how it basically operates, and toward what ends. May this book be at least a sturdy clue and perhaps considerably a lot more? In it we get a lot of specifics going beyond reincarnation as either merely “an endless cycle” or “eventual enlightenment”.  Newton believes he has uncovered several of these specifics and a clearer view of the bigger “Plan”.  He believes his information also inform us a lot about the nature of spirit life while not embodied.

Stepping back a bit, at the very same time some Christians are at least open to reincarnation, orthodox Christian teaching clearly opposes reincarnation in favor of belief in a single human lifetime followed by some kind of “final judgment”.  Just how “biblical” is this historic view is a subject for an additional post (or several).  The Bible, regardless, adds reasonably tiny additional facts on either the judgment course of action or life thereafter.

This leads to a lot of presumption, guessing and the creation of an endless stream of “Peter at the Pearly Gates” jokes.  (Basically, these are typically really funny!) Extra soberly, future resurrection of the physique and the nature of soul existence immediately after death is debated inside traditional Christianity, along with how a single may possibly receive “eternal life”, and so forth.  Understandable curiosity leads to the wide speculation, admitted to by most Christian theologians.  Aside from threads in each Hebrew and Christian Scripture that concentrate on apocalyptic “end times”, ancient types of each religions, especially Judaism, focused mostly on this-planet concerns and claimed tiny about what occurs immediately after.

I’m far from an professional on the contrasting Eastern religions but have come to be usually familiar.  There are areas exactly where some specifics on the nature of reincarnation and spirit-life are described but there is not widespread agreement on specifics… on whether or not “transmigration” (to non-human species) occurs to souls, for instance.  Also missing, to my know-how, is considerably discussion of what happens between lives, as to any assessment and finding out processes.

These are concerns which Newton’s work does concentrate on.  Precisely since it purports to fill in several holes in either “revealed” or a lot more investigative facts (such as the several research of people’s “near death” and “out of body” experiences), this book is each a fascinating study and essential for additional study.  Quite a few reviewers testify to it assisting them tremendously in dealing with grief or in gaining a sense of their goal or path in life. (I properly recognize several Christians as properly as atheists/skeptics will discount or “disallow” this issue, along with all of Newton’s facts, primarily based upon belief systems that differ, but it should be taken as a single issue of significance in evaluation.)

  31NbFe6qeBL._SY200_ The late Michael Newton

Now, I occur to be intent on religious and “spiritual but not religious” persons, atheists and every person becoming in respectful dialog.  We require to locate areas and techniques to cooperate on shared targets for human betterment.  There are challenges with every single single religious or spiritual view, institutional or private.  Extra strong and steady foundations come from widespread wisdom — principles and insights extensively agreed upon.  In a single sense, these can be pursued devoid of consideration of variations on the destiny or development course of action of souls.  But humanitarian this-planet targets can not be totally separated from the bigger image of how our souls (or “personalities”, for unbelievers in any consciousness beyond this life) came to be, exactly where they are headed and how this all proceeds.

For instance, the widespread, typically nagging concerns of “What’s my goal in life?” or “What does this all imply?” have strong impacts on properly-becoming and the capability for several persons to actually be compassionate and active in assistance of other folks.  These concerns are addressed, with extensively varying answers, by religions and several types of spirituality. Some, such as Buddhism, do so devoid of considerably speculation on the becoming of God, or even if such a “supreme being” exists.  This book could possibly be deemed to have a comparable method with regards to that matter.  For purposes right here, I’ll merely say in summary that Newton’s study indicates a complicated spiritual planet of beings and functions, apparently originated or directed, in some sense, by “God” even though God is not a crucial concentrate and by no means truly defined or straight encountered in reports by Newton’s subjects.  My personal take is that Newton is describing some thing like a benevolent “field” or “ground of being” inside which all elements of reality and all life types exist and develop.  (No matter if or not he/she/it is “personal” is largely a matter of fine-point definitions.) This would appear to match inside perspectives along a broad spectrum from the Bible to scriptures and beliefs of classical Eastern origin and existing a lot more “New Age” believed.

In Component two, I will give some additional specifics of each Newton’s information-gathering system and what he believes are valid basic points to be gathered that may possibly deliver answers we crave and in some cases comfort or preferred path.  I will address, through his operate, what I contemplate a potentially close parallel among Christian “reap what you sow” and the Eastern notion of karma.




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