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These days we’re going to speak to you about citrine healing properties, correspondences and meanings so you can understand how to effectively and proficiently operate with this well known and strong crystal.

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Query of the Day:

Is citrine component of your private crystal collection?

Just form in Yes or No in the comments at the bottom of this web page. I’m curious how a lot of of us have citrine. I know rose quartz is normally a definite YES if you adore crystals. Normally amethyst is a definite YES, but I’m questioning how well known citrine is with all of you.

I think that amethyst is quantity a single. I’ve checked my sources on this and amethyst is the quantity a single collector’s crystal, and following that it is a toss-up among rose quartz, (for the reason that see rose quartz is well known with the metaphysical crystal collectors, but with the rock hounds not so substantially for the reason that rose quartz does not develop in that good crystal formation) and citrine.

Citrine is the a single just behind amethyst as most well known quartz gem or crystal collection gem.

Why do we want citrine in our collection?

What’s the cause for that?

Citrine Properties

In addition to becoming beautiful, it is superb for bringing about constructive, joyful, fantastic vibes and all about fantastic power.

If you are feeling a tinge of depression or powerful seasonal disorder from winter, these of us in the northern hemisphere could be dealing with that appropriate now, citrine is excellent for inviting in a sunny disposition.

It is also excellent for boosting your self-assurance and your self-worth.

This crystal resonates incredibly substantially with your solar plexus chakra. It brings it into balance and alignment.

Citrine is also recognized as the ultimate manifestation stone, as properly as the merchant stone for the reason that it is, no other stone can surpass its power for bringing in that prosperity form of vibe.

  • If you want to do much better in company or you are hunting to attract just basic prosperity and abundance, whether or not it be in the quantity of close friends or abundance in your wallet…citrine.
  • If you are hunting to do a crystal grid to raise your income or beef up your paycheck, or possibly you are hunting for a new job or a new profession, or you could be hunting to sell a home or rent a home, something to do with finances and prosperity citrine is your go-to stone.

Citrine Geology

Let’s appear at a bit of geology and identification for the reason that that is my sturdy suit, anything various that I bring to the table for the reason that I’m a former science teacher and science division head, so I know this stuff inside and out.

That is why I have the Crystal Savvy elective, that is why I can aid steer you clear of the Crystal Fakes.

Citrine has a Mohs hardness of seven for these of you who know what that implies (we get into that in-depth in Crystal Savvy).

It is a silicon dioxide crystal, which implies it is quartz, silicon dioxide.

There are a lot of various quartzes like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz. These are all various varieties of quartz, so it is certainly a form of quartz. That is why it has that characteristic six-sided hexagonal shape to it and grows in a point.

There are six various crystal systems, and citrine is component of the trigonal crystal technique which is a sub-technique of the hexagonal crystal technique.

It has a gold hue, which comes from the iron that is in the citrine. So that is what offers it a slightly various vibrational frequency than other varieties of quartz.

Mother Earth naturally creates citrine. Now, not all citrine is all-natural. Let’s be mindful of that, and we’re going to get much more into that in component two of this citrine series.

Mother Earth creates all-natural citrine inside her womb, beneath ground in what I get in touch with a geothermal heat supply inside the mantle. That is beneath the crustal layer of the planet.

We’ve got a geothermal, gourmet, geo-kitchen taking place down there and it heats the crystal, so we get either amethyst or smoky quartz, each once more, are silicon dioxide, they’re each quartz, identical as citrine, but with that bit of iron inclusion taking place there, when the amethyst or smoky quartz is naturally heated inside the earth it can turn into citrine.

In addition, citrine can differ in colour from incredibly, incredibly yellow like the reduce and polished a single from Brazil (the giant beauty pictured above). There are lots of rainbows in that a single.

Colour can differ from incredibly yellow to a yellow/brownish. Then some other individuals are yellow/brownish, or an orange or iced tea colour.

I show you a bunch of examples in the video, and you could watch and say: “Hey, I know citrine to appear like this.”

Nicely, Mother Earth does not make citrine like this. I’m not gonna get in touch with it fake, but it is man-altered, it is baked. This is what we get in touch with is the dark orange-brown madeira citrine or a reddish brown. We’ll speak in-depth on that in component two.

Then there’s a different form your darkest, pretty much smoky citrine. What tends to make it various from smoky quartz is you can see golden yellow. When you take it out in the sunlight if there is a golden yellow hue to it at all, it is citrine. Smoky quartz does not have a golden yellow hue.

Citrine is naturally discovered in the USA, Spain and can be discovered in Russia, France, Scotland, Africa, the island of Madagascar and Brazil. They’re all slightly various and have various qualities based on exactly where they are come from.

Solar Plexus Chakra

As I talked about, citrine operates incredibly properly with the solar plexus chakra. For self-esteem, self-assurance boosting and bringing about that constructive attitude. I pulled this card now from my Mermaid deck. Constructive Power.

Surround your self with constructive persons and scenarios and stay away from negativity. Citrine aids with that so that was definitely apropos that I pulled that card now.

It is excellent for:

  • bringing about sturdy will energy, if you want a enhance with that
  • any matters physically dealing with the stomach or digestive technique, that is all solar plexus stuff, and citrine is excellent for operating on that.

Distinct Sorts of Citrine


Ametrine has a small bit of citrine in the amethyst. It is a mixture of amethyst and citrine collectively in a single stone, and some have clear quartz, citrine, and amethyst (like the a single I show you in the video).

It is partly purple and partially that yellow/orange in the citrine and the colour zones are incredibly sharply divided. Ametrine is the stone you want to operate with for mental clarity and choice creating, clear choice creating. This is your go-to for that.

Cactus Quartz

You could be familiar with cactus quartz. It mostly grows and is much more extensively accessible as amethyst. It is beautiful. Often cactus quartz, also recognized as spirit quartz, can come in citrine. This is substantially rarer.

So here’s a citrine cactus quartz, spirit quartz. It is a kind of quartz, but once more it is normally amethyst and much more hardly ever citrine, or it can be a mixture of the two. Often you see each citrine and amethyst on a single crystal.

Cactus quartz includes a significant crystal with small child crystals increasing more than the bigger a single in a layer of spikey small smaller sized crystals, therefore, why they get in touch with it cactus quartz. It is discovered in South Africa, and it is so stunning, brilliant and beautiful.

Lemon Quartz

Subsequent is lemon quartz. Often persons get in touch with pineapple when it has small spikes on it, but the lemon quartz has this vibrant yellow hue to it. A lot of occasions it is faked. But there are all-natural, genuine lemon quartz and it is a naturally colored (that is the essential), incredibly light, vibrant yellow citrine. It lacks that brown, orange or reddish hue in that orange tint. It is incredibly light and vibrant.

Genuinely it is all in the eye of the beholder, guys. You can have two geologists standing subsequent to each and every other. One particular will say yep, that is lemon, that is lemon citrine and some other a single will say no, no, no, it is not.

In component two I’ll be speaking all about the fake citrine or about that madeira, the baked selection out there and how to inform the distinction among a actual deal citrine and the fake ones. We’ll dive deep into that in in component two.

Solar Plexus Energy Juice

I’m going to give you the components, but this is not like baking, it is much more like cooking. You just kinda throw it in to your liking. It is not an precise science, not rocket science on this.

But, if you want the precise recipe, the precise amounts and all that stuff, you can get my free of charge download of the actual recipe pdf.

When you do this, you do not have to have a juicer, a NutriBullet, a Magic bullet form blender will operate, or anything like that. All these components are pure solar plexus stuff guys and organic anytime achievable.

You are going to want to place in a single peeled carrot. A cup of orange juice. Fresh ginger, grated up, that is to taste. Some persons like a lot of ginger and like it actual spicy and some persons just want a small touch. Or you can leave it out if you want, but I do suggest getting it in there.

Grind up some fresh turmeric, a squeeze of lemon, just a squeeze, ice cubes and then the essential right here is citrine gem elixir.

Now, you could be like whoa, what in the globe is that? Uncomplicated, straightforward. Just grab a cup, a coffee mug, a glass, what ever. Plop a citrine in there a tumbled stone. Not rough. Make positive you wash it initial, so it is clean. Place it gently in with a glass of water. Pop it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, guess what? You have got citrine gem elixir.

How straightforward is that?

No want to get all glamorous about it and all ritualistic about it. You can and I show you how to do that in my course, but you do not want to. So you place it in there with ice cubes, blend it up, and there you go. Solar Plexus Energy Up Juice Smoothie.

If you do not want it to be like smoothie consistency leave the ice cubes out and just blend it. This will give you so substantially fantastic higher vibe power, just what we’re hunting for from citrine and it tastes wonderful.

Attempt it! Some persons do not like the taste of carrot and orange juice collectively. I was cracking up for the reason that my buddy, Leonie Dawson, posted anything exactly where she was drinking carrot and orange juice. She was like, what in the globe is this?

But for me, with the wellness meals stuff, I can fairly substantially do it all and I consider it is excellent. Possibly it is an acquired taste, I do not know, but attempt it out.

I consider the power trade-off that you get from it and the power, the vibes you get from the citrine gem elixir is much more than worth it. I consider it tastes stunning.

To wrap this up, here’s a small disclaimer I want to give you. Are these meanings dependable? I’ve provided you citrine, crystal meanings, correspondences, properties, but are they dependable? This is a new disclaimer I’ve been providing lately. These that have been with me a small even though you know, you are like, ah, right here we go. &#x1f642

This information and facts that I’m providing you now on citrine relies mainly on the typical crystal correspondences that have been relied on for hundreds of years, a lot of of them going back to ancient occasions and I’ve also researched them out and of course, tested them out, experimented with them and have discovered them to be constant for myself, my clientele, as properly as for thousands of students and graduates of my Certified Crystal Healer Course. I’ve discovered that the recognized crystal properties ring correct for about 80% of us.

So, that is most of us, but that is not everyone. You could be a person who says: “Citrine does not give me this sort of power at all, it is completely various for me”. Or, it could be the form of citrine you are operating with. Are you operating with a all-natural Congo citrine or are you operating with a baked citrine?

Plus lately, the power on our planet in regards to the operate we do with crystals has shifted, so, for these of you out there, do not really feel terrible if you are a single of these that do not resonate with citrine’s usual correspondences and the ones that I’m speaking about right here now.

It could be due to these power shifts, or once more, you could have a baked citrine on your hands. I utilized to consider baked citrine worked just fine. I have a various take on that and we’ll speak about that in component two, but yes, anything has shifted with the power there and each with us, it hasn’t just shifted with the crystals, shifted with the planet, with us and the crystals particularly with this crystal, citrine.

If you want to know much more about this I went into it deep in a weblog post appropriate right here.

Post in the comments beneath if you have a piece of citrine (or a number of!) in your collection. Also, inform me do these correspondences ring correct for you or have you had a various practical experience?

Crystal Blessings,


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