Brief Inspirational Sermons for Teens & Adults : Sermon #94: Your Prosperity


I could do with much more wealth, much more funds. I would be improved off with lots of it. I am not the only a single in this situation you as well could do with much more of it.

I know a quantity of people today who are searching for an improvement with regards to the status of their wealth. They are frantically searching in several areas for this.

But when I appear at it, I at times really feel as even though people today normally take the lead when it comes to wealth creation, leaving God behind, major to a lot of debris all more than the spot, as people today blunder their way.

And Moses stated unto the people today, ‘Fear ye not, stand nonetheless, and see the salvation of the LORD’” (Ex 14:13, KJV). God is superb. He says, “As far as your life and wealth creation are concerned, panic ye not.” What comfort! Stand nonetheless. Be at peace. Praise God!

Think about this as effectively: “So do not be concerned, saying, ‘What shall we consume?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we put on?’ For the pagans run following all these issues, and your heavenly Father knows that you have to have them” (Matt six:31-32, NIV). Your Father, the limitless provider, knows that you have to have these issues. 

Simply because He knows you have to have these issues and mainly because He is your provider, He will “satisfy you fully” (Joel two:19, NIV). 

So “Do not be anxious about something, but in every thing, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Phil four:six, NIV).

I have noticed some misfiring in a quantity of believers – they want much more wealth to the extent of negating all that God has currently accomplished for them. They never appear to appreciate what they currently have! They are generally anxious, edgy and sullen, just mainly because they have not got that which they seek.

Think about this: Be joyful generally pray continually give thanks in all situations, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess five:16-18, NIV).

Believers ought to be joyful generally they ought to give thanks in all situations. This is one thing! What ever predicament you could be in, you have got to give thanks to God, with joyous hymns, mainly because life is very good!

There ought to be no space for anxiousness in a Christian’s life. Jesus’ instruction on anxiousness is clear sufficient. He says, “Do not be anxious about something.” 

If you locate oneself in a closed box with regards to wealth, you now know what to do. Never get angry or restless. Rather, present your requests to God, maintaining in thoughts that you ought to ever be joyful and thankful. Thank Him for what you possess. Thank Him also for what you hope for.

If you have the fundamentals of life, then you are in a very good state. God will take you from there to yonder areas if you dedicate oneself to living in accordance with His teachings. Just listen to this: “But if we have meals and clothes, we will be content material with that” (1 Tim six:7-eight, NIV). 

Do you have meals? Do you have clothes? Do you have shelter, even if rented? If so, then you ought to be ashamed of oneself if you are living a miserable life! Jesus stated, “…we will be content material with that.” We will be happy with that. You ought to be content material with that. You ought to be thankful and your gratitude ought to beam proper into the throne space.

Of course you ought to generally take actions to build new and much more wealth, but your beginning point ought to be various from the beginning point of non-believers. Whilst non-believers could commence from a point of dissatisfaction, believers ought to make it a point to commence from a point of satisfaction.

I have learnt some important lessons. Right here they are:

  • God delights in the prosperity of His young children.
  • God is prepared and capable to take His young children to spacious areas in terms of wealth. He can enrich us exceedingly above even the wildest of our imaginations.
  • Even so, God desires Christians to start their journey from a point of satisfaction, not dissatisfaction, acknowledging every single very good issue that He has currently accomplished for them.

A happy life is a life effectively-lived. It is a complete life, without the need of any regrets. With God the previous, present and future belong to you. You can reclaim, with compound interest, every thing that was meant for you, but which had somehow eluded you. So, although you operate towards much more wealth, you have to have to do so calmly, peacefully, with God every single step of the way.

Wealth is on my thoughts, and life is very good!

God bless!


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