Book Overview: The Baggage Handler


I am reviewing a fiction title for the 1st time in a lot of years.

The Baggage Handler really released a couple of weeks ago. I had study the book in February — on an airplane appropriately — but under no circumstances wrote something at the time since it wasn’t releasing till March 26th. Then, that date merely flew by unnoticed.

The premise: Michael, David and Gillian all pass by way of the airport on the very same day and no, they do not finish up with every other’s luggage. But there is a luggage mix-up to be confident, with varying degrees of consequences. There is a baggage handler, who appears to function two places at when the airport itself and the downtown lost-luggage facility.

And the essential to the story is in that word baggage. Do not consider luggage or suitcases, rather this is all about the metaphorical baggage we all carry about, a moment of discovery for all 3 characters in the story when they attempt to retrieve their belongings.

Not surprisingly then, author David Rawlings describes himself as a writer of “stories for these who want to dive deeper.” (His comply with-up, releasing in December is about a couples’ counsellor.)

It should be stated that each the cover design and style and the choice to release the 1st edition in hardcover leaves the book bearing a striking similarity to related titles by David Gregory Dinner with a Excellent Stranger, A Day with a Excellent Stranger, and so on. These titles, as nicely as related ones by Andy Andrews, ask us to temporarily suspend belief as to plausibility and accept specific plot contrivances in order to study a higher lesson.

Bouncing back and forth involving the 3 central characters indicates the book moves along at great pace, and for these who want to “dive deeper” in a book club setting or even on a private level, there is a quick collection of discussion concerns breaking the book into 5 sections.

My private disappointment with the book was that as a longtime reader of Christian books in common, I kept waiting for God to show up. Someplace. On a single web page, probably. Following all, Thomas Nelson place their imprint on it.

There’s no actual definition for what tends to make Christian fiction and I suppose that on the spectrum of books that preach and books ‘written from a Christian perspective’ this 1 is in the latter category. At least I hope so.

On the other hand, as somebody with substantially exposure to each Andy Andrews and David Gregory, I see the worth in this novel, and currently advised it to somebody.

We all have points in our previous we want to deal with.


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