Assisting with healthcare in the upper Himalayas


Photos of the snow peaked upper Himalayas are magnificent, awe inspiring and extremely romantic. But the reality of living thousands of feet above sea level is something but romantic. Temperatures are way beneath freezing (upto minus thirty degrees), air is thin, with the barest levels of oxygen, water is frozen, meals is scant, healthcare is rudimentary and sparse, and just about every breath is a blessing. The reality is icy and harsh.


Higher altitude pharyngitis/bronchitis, snow blindness, conjunctivitis, hypertension, asthma and breathing problems, gastroenteritis, depression, anxiousness, cellulitis, hormonal imbalances, hypothyroidism, scurvy, scabies, alcoholism,hypercholesterolemia, migraines, fever, lacerations, hemorrhoids and cardiac illnesses are some of the widespread wellness difficulties in these areas . Since the villages are actually scattered, and access to lots of is entirely reduce off in the winter months, obtaining emergency supplies and medication to the folks of these villages becomes of vital importance, and is normally the distinction amongst life and death. A lot of folks continue to suffer greatly, even fatally, due to the lack of any accessible healthcare.


One particular small endeavour of Raj K Gopalakrishnan and mine, has been to get very important drugs for folks in the far flung villages of the Spiti valley. 


We are filled with gratitude to Umang Vohra CEO &amp MD Cipla Restricted for donating medicines for hundreds of folks, and to our dear pal, Tsering Bodh in Kaza, for organizing the camps in the remotest of villages, lots of of which can only be reached on foot. 




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