April 19 – Crystals for the Complete Moon in Libra


Didn’t we just have a Complete Moon in Libra?  Yes we did!  Two complete moons in the exact same sign, back to back, is referred to as a double complete moon.

That signifies the Libra power is multiplied and magnified!  The concentrate in the course of this complete Moon is to release what is causing you to really feel unbalanced.  The intensity of your unbalanced feelings mirror how vital it is to concentrate on these feelings, recognize &amp honor them … and then release them.

This second complete moon in Libra offers you the chance to revisit your relationships, your patterns and your actions…. and to appear for balance &amp harmony.

Ask your self:  In what places of my life have I been going to unhealthy extremes?  Am I respecting other people’s boundaries?  Am I honoring my personal?

Jordan Macbeth shared in her weblog about how these alterations in energies influence our relationships as properly as the effect on the zodiac signs… Her primary takeaway…  Choose to discover some widespread ground.  Once again, it is all about balance.

Labrodorite – This very protective and reflective stone will enable to bring up deep concerns and previous hurts inside your subconscious to your conscious for transformation. So you can see, really feel, and release them…..

Rose Quartz – For the duration of this complete moon, which enhances the partnership location of your life, I am recommending Rose Quartz to Remind you that the most vital and constant partnership you will ever have is the one particular with your self. Concentrate on releasing unloving behaviors and feelings that you have towards your self to becoming in space for additional appreciate!

Smokey Quartz – Assisting you to really feel supported and protected though performing the deep and transformative perform or seeing places of your life that are holding you back and that have to have to be released to make space for the new.

Complete Moon Ceremony 

Make the choice about what you are prepared to release with the complete moon. What are you no longer going to permit to hold you back?  

~ Set the mood of your space by lighting candles or incense, smudging, or diffuse your favored critical oils…  If you are applying critical oils, I suggest lavender and frankincense for the calming power.

~ Gather your crystals.  In addition to Labradorite, Rose Quarts &amp Smokey Quartz, you could want to add Moonstone (for it is calming power of new beginnings) and Clear Quartz to amplify your intentions.

~ Play music /  mantra of your decision – For this Complete Moon, I suggest the Om Gun Ganapatye Mamaha – Ganesha chant for removing obstacles.

~ In your journal or on notebook paper, create out what you are releasing, what is no longer serving you and release the energies that are blocking you path to development.

~ Burn your release.  Take the paper you wrote your releases down on and burn it in a protected spot, preferably outdoors.  This is an act of trust.  You are returning these factors back to the Universe. 

~ Make a complete moon crystal elixir with Rose Quartz.

~ Close your ceremony with gratitude

Your Complete Moon releasing ceremony is very best carried out outdoors, inside three days of the actual Complete Moon – even improved if you are capable to full your ceremony below the Complete Moon itself!  Decide on crystals to leave outdoors for a Complete Moon power bath.


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