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Helen Tower is a single of the individuals I adhere to on Twitter and am typically encouraged by what she writes. Not too long ago, she posted a letter she wrote to her “ex-unfaithful” husband. She gave permission to post it right here, as well. You can study the complete post on her Sailing By means of Infidelity weblog. 
Dear ex-unfaithful husband,

I want to thank you for sticking with me through the attempting instances immediately after I found your affair. I am so content this is now in the previous. 

We went by way of periods through which I was prepared to hurt myself just to hurt you, in a desperate try to soothe my discomfort. You by no means lost concentrate on your commitment to do what ever it took to save our marriage. 

Thank you for not attacking me back when I place you in vulnerable and unsafe positions. Thank you for refusing to go with your AP even when I left you alone so you could run to her. At least it was clear to you immediately after DDay that the complete affair was a error, that it was unreal and that it wasn’t worth risking your loved ones. 

I appreciate that you acknowledged your duty for the way I was feeling that led to breaching the boundaries of security for our loved ones. It helped me concentrate on what is most critical: my accurate feelings. 

Just before I knowledgeable your infidelity I believed individuals should not operate it out mainly because of their kids. Now I know my kids are a component of me and we all like you extremely substantially. It requires a lot of assistance to be capable to see by way of the fog of social impositions in the face of betrayal. I was blessed with sources, pals and a supportive husband to get started to see the light. 

I like you,


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