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​There is a lot of misunderstanding more than the concept of crystals and their protective qualities in books and articles on line.   If a crystal is described as ‘protective’ what does this basically imply? Protective from what?   A bullying boss?  Electromagnetic radiation from your mobile telephone?   A person attacking you psychically?  

The word ‘protection’ of course encompasses a wide selection of meanings, which is possibly why quite a few articles and books get mixed up more than this and use it to imply 1 type of protection whereas basically it implies one more. 

A classic instance of this is Black Tourmaline (‘Schorl’),   I have covered this in a separate weblog piece, but in summary Tourmaline does not shield the human power field.  On the contrary, it attracts negativity to itself, so if you put on it you are also attracting negativity (arguments, negative feelings and so on.) to your self.   It is a extremely dense crystal, as is clear by its colour (a extremely dense black) and how opaque it is (no light can travel via it).   Like all black crystals, and like the colour black itself it consequently absorbs all the wavelengths of light.  In the exact same way it can absorb/shield you from the unpleasant energies of your mobile telephone and residence wireless.   Just spot a modest piece with either and kindly ask it if it will take in the damaging electromagnetic smog so you never have to.   In this sense, yes it is protective! 

An additional black crystal that is also mistakenly known as protective is Obsidian.  Again, the properties of this crystal are misunderstood.   This crystal is deeply highly effective and if functioning with it, it can show us our fears, and our personal ‘shadow’.   It will not shield us by blocking out negativity.  Instead, it will throw our personal fears and problems at us, so that we can operate via them and clear them.   It can bring deep hidden problems to the light.   If we have entirely worked on ourselves and have no much more fears or ‘shadow’ left, then yes, it is deeply protective, equivalent to getting a ‘black belt’ in karate, we are then master more than ourselves, and practically nothing can then touch us.  However, for the rest of us mortals, who are nonetheless functioning on problems, it is a crystal to be treated with fantastic respect!

So which crystals are ‘protective’?  

Amethyst is extremely protective, mainly because of its violet colour, which vibrates the quickest of the visible colour spectrum.   It is a deeply spiritual stone.   To me, its like getting Angels nearby hunting more than you.    As effectively as getting protective it can also clear the power field of negativity (‘the violet flame’).   It is also an outstanding stone to have below your pillow to give you a peaceful sleep, and can enable with nightmares.


Turquoise is one more deeply spiritual and protective crystal and is of course ancient.   To me it is profound and can enable an individual see the ‘bigger picture’.   It also hyperlinks to communication and speaking our truth.  I really feel it is so protective mainly because if there was something ‘negative’ about it would not want to come close to this power mainly because it would have to ‘face itself’, which could be extremely painful, and of course that would imply getting back on the path of light!  It is strengthening and can hyperlink to ancestral energies. 


Tigers Eye, which is a member of the quartz loved ones, is one more crystal normally mentioned to be protective.  It has a lovely reflective golden sheen, and it is this high quality which assists it shield and strengthen the power field.  However, it is protective in a mundane or ‘every day’ way.   It warms and assists bring out self-confidence in the wearer, so it assists to shield from other overbearing and bullying humans, no matter if its your boss at operate, or other children at college.   This is why its a fantastic crystal to give young children (it was the initially crystal I was provided as a kid).

Hawks Eye (also known as Blue Tigers Eye), also quartz, is a extremely close relation to Tigers Eye, and can occasionally be discovered with each other in the exact same stone.   This crystal, rather than a golden sheen has a deep blue sheen.   It is purported traditionally to be of enable in easing aches and tensions, and rather than the mundane, it is protective on the subtle levels, from the points we cannot see.   For this cause it is a superior stone to have to shield oneself psychically if we really feel ‘too open’ or below attack on the subtle levels.


Lapis Lazuli is one more ancient, and deeply protective stone due to its royal deep blue/indigo colour.   Once again, its protective mainly because of the extremely higher vibration of this colour.   It can also enable us to access inner wisdom and ancient expertise, and mainly because of its internal crystalline structure, which is cubic, it can also enable us to ground it in this reality and basically do anything with this wisdom!   It is also a superior stone to use for meditation and is deeply profound.  A handful of years ago I went to a dinner celebration below duress, as I was worried I would getting practically nothing in typical with these at the dinner, and that I would have to make polite chit-chat.   Nonetheless, significantly to my surprise absolutely everyone at the dinner quickly started opening up and speaking about significantly deeper points than the usual humdrum conversations, till it ended up with a massive discussion about previous lives.  I try to remember feeling a small shocked at just how open absolutely everyone was compared to regular.  Of course, on arriving residence later that evening, I all of a sudden found I had a chunk of Lapis in my jacket pocket, which I’d totally forgotten about!

Often Lapis might be as well significantly for an individual, as it is so profound, but there is one more stone (which is component of the constituent mineral make up of Lapis), which can also be applied on its personal, and this is Sodalite.   Sodalite, is not such an intense deep blue as Lapis, nor does it have the gold flecks of Iron Pyrite that Lapis consists of.  However, mainly because of its deep blue colour it is nonetheless protective, and mainly because of its cubic structure, it is an outstanding stone for grounding the thoughts, assisting an individual to manifest their thoughts in a sensible way.   Its a superior stone to operate with if you come across it hard to concentrate or are a bit of a dreamer.  It is amazing for mental pressure, and soon after holding it for a when it normally feels like an individual has provided me a head massage!   A single day, I had it in my pocket and forgot about it while I was teaching a class.   I became significantly much more articulate and clearer at acquiring the teachings across, and the students seemed to in a position to grasp what I was saying.   At the finish of the day I rediscovered that small Sodalite in my pocket and then I knew why.


Carnelian is a crystal that traditionally is supposed to have protective qualities.   To me, this is a small misunderstood.  I really feel it has protective qualities mainly because it assists to ground and consequently strengthen the power field as effectively as getting a warming and stimulating power that assists 1 with creativity.   Nonetheless, it is not a larger vibration stone and so will not shield in the exact same way as, for instance, Amethyst.   

As generally, with all the crystals talked about, please never take my word for it, but come across your personal truth.   See how you really feel when you carry round a particular protective crystal, and no matter if you really feel stronger energetically by getting it with you.  You could attempt a handful of and see which 1 you favor.   Our power field also adjustments all the time, so you might come across you are attracted to operate with distinctive protective crystals at distinctive occasions. 


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