A Christian Caregiver: Dad’s Got a U.T.I.


My son, preserve my words, And treasure my commands inside you. proverbs 7:1

I got a contact final weekend from the nurse at the Veteran’s House exactly where Dad is. She stated that she noticed blood in his Depends and believed he had a Urinary Tract Infection. Dad hasn’t had any for two or 3 years and this is the 1st 1 he’s gotten due to the fact he went to reside at the Veteran’s House. 

I asked her if Dad was disoriented, mainly because that occurred each and every time he would get a U.T.I. in the previous. She stated that she had noticed he wasn’t himself, mainly because he was holding his cup, as if to drink it, and had his two fingers sticking in the cup. I explained that in the previous, he made use of to assume he was on the farm, which was one thing from his childhood. Really, his getting disoriented would be the factor that would tip me off that he had yet another Urinary Tract Infection.

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She told me that right after they got the final results back from the test on Dad’s urine, they would ascertain which antibiotic to use. I felt much better recognizing he would get much better quickly.

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