23. The Teacher & the Student | Crystal Ki Healing


owlI have recognized for properly more than a decade that my life objective is to teach, to share information and facts and information, but I am not right here to hold people’s hands all through their journey, as that defeats the object.  We are all right here to understand to be the pure enlightened beings we had been created to be, to develop, to understand, to share, to be of service to our creator and 1 a further.  Regrettably, the temptations of materialism and the greed for energy have turned the practical experience of reality into a war zone filled with destruction and lack, for a lot of people today.

It is now time to clean up the mess and we are all accountable for it.  1 way to do that is by means of self-healing and self-refinement and absolutely everyone about you is each your teacher and your student.  I continue to understand from the students I teach and people today I meet and I thank their souls for the a lot of lessons I have discovered, as they share their information wisdom and experiences with me.  But I have come across a couple of who anticipate me to give them all of the options to clear their stuff without having them getting seasoned and getting discovered their lessons initially. As a outcome and with some heartache, I have discovered to assist when proper and stand back when not, so thank you to these who anticipated far more, as well substantially in some circumstances.

Meditation and the likes are all astounding self-healing procedures and will propel you forward in your development.  But you also have to understand to create your consciousness in in between, to perform with and totally assimilate your greater levels of consciousness till they are totally anchored into your getting permanently.  Then and only then, are you really evolving as per the divine program. Twenty minutes meditation a day aids, but it does not make you a much better individual if you are not getting sort and compassionate the rest of the day, each day.

And all of the healing information in the planet does not make you a divine getting beware of people today pontificating about what they have study and think to be correct in books.  I come across that people today who study as well substantially have lost their way, as as well substantially intellectual gratification blocks the thoughts.  The only way to grow to be divine is to do the perform, to reside it and breath it, by getting your greater self, integrating your God Self and your Soul Consciousness all of the time, not just through meditation.

To be pure in thoughts and physique is to be compassionate, non-judgemental, loving and caring all of the time.  When we as a species understand to be this way and totally integrate our greater essence into our physical bodies, the external planet will be transformed.  The teacher will have taught properly, and the student will have listened, but far more importantly each will have place the teaching information and wisdom to superior use.  They will have evolved to a greater level of consciousness permanently, and in turn changed the practical experience of reality for a lot of.

I take each my function as a student and a teacher in this life seriously, and I continue to see the lessons and messages I obtain. I make blunders but I have stopped kicking myself for it, I appreciate that we have to make blunders in order to develop, so go simple on your self.  I hold notes, as my personal quick comings are reflected in the people today who cross my path everyday, then I perform on these components of me that have to have a tweak right here and there. Mastering to heal myself has been the very best issue I have ever performed, I continue to develop and to share that information, as proper of course. I would like to take this chance to say a large thank you to all of my students and to my teachers, you have taught me properly.


Janine Regan-Sinclair

28th March 2015


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