Now’s the Time to Be a Spiritual Warrior – Here’s How


by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

The term spiritual warrior may possibly evoke several photos and tips, some of them fanciful and idealistic.  I’m compelled to share a extremely true and sensible explanation of spiritual warrior in this post for the reason that clarity is extremely, nicely, clear.

There’s a renowned saying by Edmund Burke:  “The only issue vital for the triumph of evil is for good males (men and women) to do nothing at all.”  If there was ever a time when superior men and women will need to bravely take a stand for like, justice, truth, consciousness and all the trimmings this has GOT to be it!

In previous instances we have noticed so several men and women courageously rally to fight for what they believed in when they had been frequently personally complete of self-doubt and self-hatred, and had been frequently acting abusively to men and women close to them.  That model does not reduce it any longer.  The evils of our planet are primarily based in dualistic pondering, so heroes caught up in their personal inner dualities like that can only support to a restricted extent.  I like the phrase from Joni Mitchell’s song Woodstock “we are caught in the devil’s bargain” for that all-also-popular practical experience.  The devil’s bargain is when our ego thoughts tempts us to exchange our freedom, Sovereignty, like and self-information for its fake rewards of mainly-illusory positive aspects, avoidance of fears and addictive experiences.  In other words, providing up the truth of one particular-ness for the seduction of duality.   One of the best priorities of the ego thoughts is to preserve us at a decrease vibration of consciousness exactly where it can assert its energy and preserve us engaged in the dualistic “dream” of our society.

I know, so several instances when the demons of self-doubt, feelings of abandonment or poverty consciousness have beckoned to me in the previous I have succumbed to my addiction and bowed down just before them, letting my valuable Energy leak away into the gutter.  Then have to do so a great deal work and perform to construct it back up.  Wearying stuff!  Now I know I do not have to do that any longer.  I’m performed.

Now the true action is inside.  Our external actions of service will only support save the planet to the extent that we are stepping out of the devil’s bargain inside ourselves.  And that is fuc–ing challenging to do for the reason that we are ADDICTED to these unfavorable pondering patterns.  Do you have any notion how challenging it is for a hardcore heroin addict to attempt to quit cold turkey?  Or for an alcoholic to stroll away from a drink?  Or for a perform-a-holic to sit and do nothing at all on holiday?   A spiritual warrior requirements to study how to do that with his or her unfavorable pondering – courageously letting go of these persistent inner compulsions to indulge in doubt, worry, loneliness, resentment and the like and decide on Appreciate, Truth and 1-Ness more than and more than.  This is the #1 way to construct Energy, and develop into a force to be reckoned with.  So you can use your consciousness vibration as an precise barometer.  Any time you really feel it to be low, and caught up in worry, doubt, more than concern with ego, and so forth, know that you have been accepting the devil’s bargain.  Do not be concerned or beat your self up, just instantly decide on Appreciate and Truth.

If there is any present that our existing crop of corrupt leaders are providing us, and that international warming is providing us, and the wildfires, floods and superstorms are providing us, is to know, so deeply, that now is the ultimate time to take our courageous stand and bring out our spiritual warrior.

The beauty, one particular-ness and Appreciate of our God Self – I Am Presence is generally present and providing us the option to be the Light and refuse the devil’s bargain.  So here’s the sensible low-down of how to be a spiritual warrior – know you have a option, and be utterly committed to creating it more than and more than and more than.  Do what ever you will need to do to cultivate your direct awareness of your I AM Presence and preserve selecting like and truth.  It truly assists to invest time with other men and women who are creating their spiritual warrior.  Meditation is crucial and gratitude is golden.  Acts of kindness, service and courage are exactly where it is at.  And practice like and forgiveness for self and other individuals, no matter whether they “deserve” it or not.  It is all about taking back our Energy and Sovereignty.   To the extent we do that we can take powerful external actions with true constructive effect.

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