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I’ve had 3 dreams/visions from the Lord. Two warning dreams and one particular rapture dream.  God is very good, turn to him NOW and do not appear back! We are so close!

Makoa: Canada

I had a dream final evening at this vast seeking forest outdoors someplace, and it might or might not be someplace on Earth.  But thinking about that this was a dream, I was in all probability someplace on the astral plane. 

I do not genuinely go to Church, but I have an unbelievable understanding of the universe, I applied to meditate a lot, but now I can not even handle to balance out my college-fitness-spiritual life.  Fundamentally, there are 12 dimensions, and this is the 3rd one particular along with the 4th becoming time, something beyond that goes beyond time. 

I heard weird sounded birds and insects that do not sound like the birds and insects from our planet, and it sounded much more or much less like binaural beats.  As quickly as a holy white light exploded from the sky just before I knew it, I was praying for anything to come via. 

I saw Jesus in a robe landing onto the middle of the forest with this large open space at the center of it.  He was speaking to me, but I am unable to hear him nor can I try to remember what he mentioned from the dream.  

Now I know my prayers are reaching God and the larger vibrations of light, but now I also know that I do not meditate adequate to hear God’s words.  When I woke up, I was in a different dream state in my space.

There was one particular white butterfly but a number of unique sorts of moths, and when I startled them each and every single one particular except for the white butterfly turned into a wasp-like physique structure with lengthy deadly needles at the back, and I only touched them. 

I had to defend myself and kill them all, but I did not want to hurt the white butterfly, I wonder what that portion of the dream could imply.

Karen: Canada

I had a dream a handful of nights ago. 1st of all…final summer season I was born once more. Baptized in the river. I had this dream that I was with a group of persons and a man who I did not know mentioned that the globe would finish in 30 years and would be preempted by the globe operating out of oil

Miya: United States

Ok, final evening (January eight, 2019) I had a dream that my mother and I had been walking outdoors. All of a sudden I looked in the sky and the heavens start to open in the sky. I immediately fell to my knees but when I began praying the heavens closed. I genuinely do not know what this dream implies, but I’m going to infer that it meant that Jesus is coming back quickly and when he comes back it is going to be as well late to repent.

Gabriella: United States

The Dream:   My mother sent me to her automobile to grab anything that she had forgotten. As I was walking back in, I looked at the sky (nighttime) and saw the moon. It was brighter and bigger than usual. I walked into the living space with the rest of my loved ones to attempt to inform them about the moon. But as quickly I mentioned, “Hey, guys-” I was reduce off by my mom screaming an pointing out the window and into the sky, “Appear!” We immediately turned and to the window to see a vibrant light about 20 feet off the ground in the middle of the street. We all stared. I was so frightened that I could not appear away. I kept considering ‘Its lastly taking place.” Abruptly, we had been all outdoors (nevertheless staring). The vibrant light seemed to be Jesus or God with his arms wide open. Two angels had been on every side of him. They had been the most wonderful creatures I have ever noticed! Everyone was standing on the sidewalks. Some had been praying, crying, becoming joyful. They had been creating their way down the street. As they had been performing this, persons had been increasing only about three feet and gently becoming layed back down onto the ground and street. This was as if God was only taking their souls. God had passed me. I try to remember him taking my mother. For some cause, I could not uncover her physique although. But I try to remember immediately dropping to my knees and crying out to Him, “God! I am sorry! Please, God! Please!” Me and my siblings, as nicely as several other people on the street, had been praying and screaming to him as he continued down the street. The entire city was full chaos. Men and women had been disappearing, and persons had been acquiring left behind. Just after screaming and crying to God, I woke up. 

I told my mother what had occurred as tears streamed down my face. She tells me that it really is God speaking to me and I ought to listen. She says I ought to get correct with God. And I genuinely do, as nicely as other people, for He is coming quickly. We ought to be ready. Amen

Armida: United States

A handful of months ago I had a dream that I was sitting in my mom’s backyard on a wonderful sunny day. My mom had gone inside to use the bathroom, and I was sitting there with a tall can of beer in my hand. When I was about to take a drink, I saw the clouds moving and the sky opening up. I knew right away it was Jesus coming. I got so content and filled with joy. Considering to myself, this is it He is coming for us. At that point, I saw the beer in my hand, and my heart dropped and felt worry though I believed to myself, oh no am I going to make it up. Ideal soon after that, I woke up.

I woke up considering was that a warning? I do not drink as well a great deal but will have a beer right here and there.

Jayda: Nation

It wasn’t a dream, but I genuinely assume it was a sign that I required to get my act with each other.  I was in sin with a group of pals of mine, and I looked up, and we could see a particular person pushing a person in the mountains (the clouds looked like mountains), and I could honestly see anything becoming pushed into the produced-up mountains. It genuinely stuck with me, and I really feel like it was God’s way of saying, your following, or anything, I do not know.

Kenton: United States

In a dream. I was possessing a celebration, and I was in the shower acquiring prepared for the celebration when all of a sudden persons had been in the restroom, and the celebration was going on. 

I saw an old pal though I was nevertheless in the shower. I could see via the upper portion of the curtain. We began speaking about anything, and I do not try to remember what it was. 

Straight away I was dressed and walking about, and a girl grabs me. She pulls me close. We’re face to face. I have not ever been face to face with a person in a dream. We had been so close I could see her eyes. They had been brown, but with this fire glazing on the brown.

 I do not knowledge this normally. 1 time when I had a dream about the devil I could see eyes of fire. 

This was unique she’s yelling but not in anger.  telling me, “Leave, or you will die.” I asked why and I was asking other concerns. She just repeated it.  

I pulled from her and was worried, but seemed to ignore it although. 

So once more a tiny bit later, the exact same issue occurred. At the finish, the girl mentioned, “meet me outdoors.” I go outdoors, and she’s there. Once more, she grabs me and pulls me close and says the exact same issue, “Leave, or you will die.” I ask what she implies. She tells me “Do not you see, your pal is attempting to kill you,” it was the old pal from the starting of the dream. 

I woke up and right away believed it was anything from God. That evening I had prayed to God to come in a dream or to send Jesus, or an Angel. I assume it was him. I just want aid interpreting.  

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