Despite the fact that the Reiki Centre Master Teacher Certificate is currently more than 200 hours of study and workshops, there is usually space for higher depth! Moving to the UK, I am shocked at how Reiki is viewed as an ‘add-on’ and so I have launched the Reiki Master Teacher Diploma to plant an concept into the holistic community’s head – Reiki is not an add-on, and even in 500 hours we only just scrape the surface of what it is to be a Reiki Teacher, and what our personal self-practice and individual development could appear like.

Open to all Reiki Masters hunting to deepen their individual practice, and their Reiki teaching.

Elaine Grundy

Elaine Grundy

Reiki Master because 1995, teaching in Singapore and founder of the Reiki Centre. Author of “Reiki, Pure and Very simple”.

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