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The Details:

– Photographs this month have been really hard for the reason that all you wanted to do was roll more than and nuzzle with the bear and chair. You also have a compact scratch on your forehead from the difficult occasion of finding a shirt up more than your huge noggin.

– You enjoy your infant meals.  You now consume two of the 4oz packages a day, 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner. 


– You can sit on your personal for brief periods of time.

– You enjoy to roll about and are quite mobile now.  You can roll across the area quite promptly.

– You have nonetheless been waking up about after a evening.  I believe it is for the reason that of some congestion.  Final evening you slept by way of the evening even though sitting up in your seat.  I certain hope you do effectively on getaway in the pack and play every single evening!


– There are instances you get so excited to see me that you wrap each your arms about my neck and nuzzle your face in me.  It is 1 of my preferred points!


– You are standing on up your legs additional and additional lately (even though we hold you of course.)

– Your skin may perhaps be darker like Bryn’s but you nonetheless have the dry eczema patches that Zella gets.

– You are frequently chewing on your fingers and will at times even suck on them.

– You enjoy to blow bubbles out of your mouth. Your sisters frequently inform you that your shouldn’t be spitting.


Ryker, you are such a joy to be about.  We enjoy you so incredibly, incredibly a lot!!




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