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There are several arguments inside of mainstream Christian culture currently. Subjects such as hell, Biblical interpretation, LGBTQ troubles, attending an organized church, just to name a couple of.


I’ll admit, 1 of my favored points in life is debating. I know it could sound like an odd factor to get pleasure from – perhaps I really should have been a lawyer – but, truthfully, I get pleasure from healthier debate. I like getting a counter voice and enabling yet another side to be represented relatively.


Possibly it is simply because I relish wealthy, deep conversation. Or perhaps it is simply because I, myself, have frequently felt misunderstood. Possibly it is simply because I have noticed as well several people today leave their communities, households or relationships simply because they did not really feel that their viewpoint was heard.


Or perhaps it is just simply because I like actual, sincere conversations – ones exactly where no 1 “loses” – but, rather everybody wins simply because everybody walks away feeling noticed and understood.


We have to have extra of that.


But, there are a couple of subjects inside present Christian culture that turn into an immediate battle ground. Exactly where each sides bear arms and prepare to fight to the death determined to prove the other incorrect.


These subjects have a tendency to be the tipping point for writing off a pal, household member or church because they are believed to be “absolutes”, with no ground for disagreement. But, the crazy factor about relationships, is that no partnership can withstand absolutes 100% of the time (seriously just ask anybody who has been married).


Healthful relationships have to flow, move, shift and readjust.


So, if I could, enable me to be a bit of a voice for the underdog in these conversations, by exposing the most prevalent myths of “absolutes” surrounding these subjects.


Best five Myths in Christian Culture These days:


1. You can’t be buddies with, listen to or accept an individual who interprets the Bible differently than you.

So several arguments take place more than the statement “the Bible clearly says”. The factor about the Bible, is that it is not clear (prior to you freak out at that statement, hear me out). If it have been reduce-and-dry-clear, people today wouldn’t be arguing about it. And people today wouldn’t have been arguing about it for centuries prior to us.

Believing you are fully particular of what God would do, say, believe, approve of or disapprove of (primarily based on your interpretation of scripture) would be to place your self at the exact same level as God himself. To believe that your interpretation is the only 1 in all of history that got it suitable, is just about the most prideful position 1 can take. Jesus opposed pride he taught humility.

We are human. We are not God. We will under no circumstances completely know what God certainly thinks or does not believe the finest model we have to God’s character is the life of Jesus. And Jesus surrounded himself with people today from several various beliefs and walks of life. And when it came to the church, he regularly challenged their use of scripture, their traditions, religiosity and their behavior towards other folks.


two. If an individual does not think in hell, they are not a actual Christian.

I admit, I as soon as believed this 1. I was afraid of hell, so I pushed that exact same worry onto anybody who wasn’t carrying the exact same worry I was. But, all of that behavior was just worry primarily based. And worry and like do not mix. So, if I am to comply with Jesus (who is divine like) I cannot operate from a location of worry. Something rooted in worry is not of God.

Jesus did not carry a worry of hell, a worry of people today going to hell or definitely a worry of something for that matter. If he had, his messages would have been significantly various. His interactions would have been significantly less about healing, feeding, humility, getting a servant and such as other folks and extra about hell fire and brimstone (which it wasn’t). So, regardless of exactly where your beliefs are on this subject, operating from a location of worry and attempting to scare other folks with that exact same worry is not following the model of Jesus.

(For extra thoughts on this subject, verify out this article on my evolving thoughts on hell)


three. You have to decide on involving loving Jesus or loving your gay pal/household member.

I have witnessed numerous households torn apart more than this. Exactly where parents refuse to speak to young children, young children refuse to speak to their parents, churches take away membership and communities abandon people today they as soon as loved. Normally it comes down to a statement of “the Bible clearly says” and that is the finish of the conversation. And if the gay particular person does not comply with their interpretation of scripture they are written off – normally for very good.

My pal, there is NO rule that says in order to like Jesus you have to reject a gay particular person, a non-Christian particular person, a Muslim particular person or any particular person who sees points differently than you. The only guidelines that say that are man-created not Jesus created.

Bear in mind, Jesus taught the parable of the Excellent Samaritan. 1 exactly where he warned the religious that these who they believed “could under no circumstances be holy or of God” could essentially be the extremely people today who are displaying God’s like the most. The message of Jesus was loudly stated more than and more than once again to not be so swift to establish who belongs to God and who does not. That job is WAY above our spend grade. You can and are free of charge to like, welcome and embrace anybody and everybody. Just after all, that is what Jesus’ table looked like.

(To understand extra about bridging the gap with a loved 1 who is gay, I encourage you to verify out the sources from B.T. Harman on Blue Babies Pink)


four. We have to be anti-culture.

I uncover this 1 interesting…because the Bible itself is seeped in culture. It, itself is written totally inside of a certain culture and point in time. To not recognize that would be to ignore the way it was beautifully written. Each generation due to the fact then has had the duty to establish how the Bible really should relate to their present culture and time in history.

This is why interpretations adjust, evolve and shift more than the years. For instance, cultures prior to us believed the Bible promoted slavery. Wars have been fought defending people’s “biblical right” to personal slaves, simply because the Bible was “clear”.  In other cultures, males believed they had a biblical suitable to stone their wives for adultery, right after all, it was “clear”. Whites and blacks could not marry simply because the Bible was “clear” about the mixing of races. It is simply because of culture that these essential adjustments have been created to how we study and interpret the text.

Alterations in how we view scripture have been created and will continue to be created as time and cultures evolve. Provided how far we have come, I am so extremely thankful for this.


five. If an individual does not go to church, they are not a actual Christian.

A lot of people today who like Jesus just cannot stand church. And, I cannot say that I blame them. They have just located neighborhood elsewhere. I have met some of the bravest, kindest, filled with the fruit of the spirit, Jesus-loving people today outdoors church walls.

If anybody de-bunked the concept of “only the most holy attend church” it was Jesus himself. He did not belong inside the church in truth, the church labeled him demonic, a false teacher and a heretic. The church did not embrace Jesus they rejected and killed Jesus. According to the life of Jesus, rather possibly several of his followers have been outdoors the walls of church all along…


Jesus didn’t do any of the points above – not a single 1.

Jesus integrated the outsider, defended these on the religious hater-list, didn’t preach worry messages of hell and didn’t push people today to “belong” inside the church walls. I venture to guess that if Jesus showed up currently he would be rejected and crucified all more than once again:

Simply because of who he would sit with

Who he would not warn of hell

Who he would contain

Who he would have dinner with

Who he would challenge on their interpretation of scripture

What leaders he would oppose

This is why Jesus was so hated by the church and was in the end killed. The religious have usually hated Jesus-like behavior – simply because it removes them of energy, superiority and the comfort of recognizing they are superior than “those more than there”. Following that religiosity is about as anti-Christ as 1 could get.

No matter your private convictions or beliefs, I hope you can make space at your table for these various than you. That you can decide on to like alternatively of worry and embrace alternatively of exclude. When we do this, we inch a tiny bit closer to the table of Jesus.



PS: For more candid, off-the-cuff conversation about subjects like this, verify out my podcast: Behind the Mirror 



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