Worshiping a Limitless God with Restricted Sources


Final month, prior to obtaining the joy of participating in the Getty Sing! conference in Nashville, I chatted with Sol Fenne at a lunch sponsored by 20Schemes. Sol is a church planter, musician, and songwriter who has a passion to see the gospel transform lives in the poorest housing projects of Scotland.

1 of Sol’s passions is to learn how the gospel enthusiasm and musical excellence from the Sing! Conference could be applied in the contexts of Scotland’s poorest schemes, or housing projects. So he sent me a comply with-up e-mail asking if I’d be prepared to create a weblog post addressing this query:

How we can encourage our eight-chord guitarists facing 10-20 musically impartial believers to strive on in challenging situations exactly where there is small to no encouragement and new believers who come from zero congregational singing cultures?

A Prevalent Dilemma

You do not have to reside in 1 of Scotland’s schemes to recognize with the concern that query raises. The majority of churches are not operating with a steady of skilled musicians top a congregation of enthusiastic, engaged worshipers. We’re attempting to get by with:

• Unskilled musicians and/or leaders
• Attendees that verify their feelings and potential to move their bodies at the door
• A soundboard that is limping along on its final legs
• A tight spending budget that in no way appears to include things like gear
• Musicians that cannot figure out the chords on the album

And on it goes.

Some Concepts to Implement

We on a regular basis uncover ourselves top beneath much less than excellent situations. How ought to we respond? Right here are a handful of thoughts.

Recognize that the gospel, not music, is the energy of God (Rom. 1:16).
When our musicians, instruments, lighting, and technologies are not impressive, we can wonder why people today would come to our church. They come since we have a thing the planet does not: the incredible news that Jesus Christ died in the spot of lost, rebellious sinners to reconcile them to God. Music, no matter how terrific it is, cannot raise a dead soul to life. The gospel can and does. Your church may perhaps in no way come close musically to what the church down the street does or what people today listen to on their iPhones. That is okay. Faithfully preach, sing, and clarify the gospel and you will see lives changed.

Trust in God’s Word additional than your personal words (1 Thess. two:13).
Trusting in God’s Word additional than our personal indicates featuring and treasuring the content material and which means of Scripture in our songs, prayers, sermons, visuals, sacraments, and conversations. I say featuring and treasuring since we’re not basically offering details. We’re proclaiming life-providing, faith-imparting, path-altering, thoughts-transforming truth. Folks ought to be in a position to see how a great deal we adore the word of God and the God of the Word, with or without having music.

Pray for and count on God’s Spirit to perform in people’s hearts for the glory of Jesus (1 Cor. two:12 John 16:13-14 1 Cor. 12:four-7).
Do not fall into the trap of pondering that God’s Spirit prefers operating in a church of 5000 or 500 additional than in a church of 50. Exactly where Christians collect to sing, pray, hear God’s Word, and celebrate the gospel, God’s Spirit is there to do what only he can do. Bring conviction. Comfort the grieving. Give hope to the hopeless. Satisfy the spiritually hungry. And he loves to perform via ordinary, dependent people today like you and me.

Teach your people today the goal of congregational singing (Col. three:16-17 Eph. five:18-20).
Folks generally base their understanding of why we sing additional from their personal previous experiences than from the Bible. We have the joy of teaching them what God says about singing. That can be carried out in a sermon, short comments, on a internet site, or in conversation. Amongst other issues, the church sings to don’t forget the gospel, to teach and admonish 1 one more, to communicate our affection for God, to express our unity in Christ, and to prepare for heaven. Even although my church may perhaps not appear a great deal like heaven now, each time we meet we’re joining in with the worshipers about the throne (Heb. 12:22-24). We are not placing on a functionality. We’re participating with saints all through the ages supplying praise to God via the completed perform of Jesus Christ (1 Pet. two:four-five).

Make it clear that instruments are only there to assistance the principal occasion: faith-filled congregational singing (Ps. 71:22-23).
When your church does not have the musicians you believe you require, it is a great chance to let people today know their “worship” is not hindered. Instruments can assistance congregational singing, but they can in no way replace it. Use a hymnal. Sing a cappella. Discover some basic choruses with terrific words.

Choose the finest songs and sing them additional generally (two Pet. 1:12 Phil. three:1)
Sol told me that his church has a repertoire of about 25 songs. I believe that is smart. If your church is musically illiterate or inexperienced, discover fewer songs and sing them properly (In Christ Alone, All I Have is Christ, It is Nicely, Behold our God, and so on.). But make positive your handful of songs cover a lot of theological ground. And don’t forget that musical simplicity does not negate biblically thoughtful, gospel-focused lyrics.

Encourage your musicians to strengthen and present sources if you are in a position (1 Chron. 25:7).
What ever the talent level of our musicians now, they can develop. Cultivate an attitude in your instrumentalists that says, “I want to get far better on my instrument so I can joyfully serve the singing of the church additional properly.” Sources and teachers could possibly include things like other band members, YouTube, books, and musicians outdoors the church.

Ask God to bring musicians to your church (Mt. six:eight two Cor. 9:eight).
With no minimizing something I’ve stated so far, pray that God adds skilled instrumentalists to your church, either via conversion or from one more church. Though terrific musicians are not essential to worship God, he can undoubtedly use them for the great of his people today.

So even though we continue to pursue higher musical proficiency, we in no way have to wonder if God’s purposes are getting thwarted by our under typical musicianship or lack of a band. His energy is created great in our weakness (two Cor. 12:9).

Apart from, our restricted sources are all he ever has to perform with. And they’re all he demands, since his grace, mercy, and energy are limitless.

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