Who And What You Are In Christ!


God developed you and loves you.
To Him, you are unique and special – a single of a type!

If you are a follower of
Christ (a born once more believer), According To The Word Of God
(The Bible),
the following is
who and what you are (your accurate identity in Christ):

  • You are a saint

  • You are a item of
    Calvary’s conquest

  • You are born once more of
    imperishable and incorruptible seed

  • You are full in Christ

  • You are a youngster of God

  • You are the apple of your
    Father’s eye

  • You are a single with the Lord

  • You are the temple of the
    most higher Holy Ghost

  • You are seated with Christ in
    Heavenly Areas

  • You are dead to sin

  • You are alive unto God

  • You are free of charge from guilt

  • You are free of charge from

  • You are righteous, holy and

  • You are powerful in the Lord
    and in the energy of His could

  • You are hidden with Christ in

  • You are loved with an
    everlasting like

  • You are the head and not the

  • You are blessed with all
    spiritual blessings

  • You are a joint heir with
    Jesus Christ

  • You are a competent minister
    of the covenant of God

  • You are bonified and

  • You are selected by God

  • You are anointed

  • You are God’s royal

  • You are a missionary to a
    lost planet

  • You are a stranger to this

  • You are a citizen of Heaven

  • You are not searching back

  • You are pressing on the
    upward way

  • You are destined to be
    completed in you what God has began and what God has promised

  • You are a king and a priest
    of the most higher God

  • You are bold as a lion

  • You are extra than a

  • You are a towering testimony
    of God’s outstanding grace

  • You are the salt of the

  • You are the light of the

  • You are a city on a hill that
    can not be hidden

  • You are a sweet savor of
    God’s grace and to these who are observing you

  • You are a tree planted by the
    rivers of water

  • You are a branch whose leaf
    will not wither

  • You are a disciple whom Jesus

  • You are a king’s kid
    destined to reign by way of Christ in God

  • You are Heaven bound and
    assured of victory if you just stand rapid.

– Ain’t God Fantastic!

If you have
not accepted Jesus as your Savior and produced Him Lord of your life and
do not know why or how, please see
Free Gift
.  And, do it these days – tomorrow could be as well late!

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