What Are Your Strengths (and Your Weaknesses)?


Dear Readers: Today we offer you yet another chance for you to get to know oneself greater, or at least get to know your elemental character greater. As I pointed out final month, we each and every have all of the 5 Components in our character make-up, but there is a single of them for which we have a unique affinity. I recommended that this elemental affinity can be likened to a key lens by way of which we view the globe. There are 5 diverse selections for this lens – a single for each and every of the 5 components – and our key lens impacts how we interpret and respond to every thing that occurs in our atmosphere. What we really like, who we really like, what we hate, what is effortless, what is difficult, you name it. The reality is that our key elemental character determines extra than we recognize concerning how we reside our life.

Final month I recommended that our key elemental character creates predictable priorities and tendencies in our life that can be compared to joining a secret club at birth. For instance, all members of the Wood club will have comparable tendencies, as will all members of the Metal, Water, Earth or Fire clubs. How members of these diverse clubs get along in relationships has been the key concentrate of this weblog for years, but it is just as significant, if not extra so, to know oneself and what matters to you. When you do, you not only start to realize significantly of what you have completed in the previous, you will also be in a position to predict your priorities and tendencies in the future. And as we have mentioned right here quite a few occasions, your relationships will get started to make sense, as well.

So, without the need of additional ado, here’s yet another up-close comparison across the 5 key elemental personalities. This time we’re hunting at character-primarily based strengths and weaknesses.

Water Character Strengths: Water folks have a keen awareness of their inner sources and trust that they can deal with what ever life brings. Exceedingly patient, Water personalities know that as extended as they remain connected to their deep sense of self, they can eventually triumph more than any difficulty. This tends to make them optimistic, hopeful folks.

Water Character Weaknesses: If figuring out their personal skills is the greatest strength of Water folks, their weaknesses are worry and lack of trust. When Waters are disconnected from the inner forces that help them, they really feel vulnerable and start doubting themselves. Worry creeps in. They generally respond to this by becoming whiny, adverse, suspicious, or at some point paranoid folks.

Wood Character Strengths: Wood folks can envision their ambitions and firmly think that if they attempt difficult sufficient, they can manifest pretty much something. Effective and decisive, Woods count on their capability to get items completed in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. They can use their abundant power to take away obstacles that block the way. It is the nature of their character to be sturdy, direct and assertive, hopefully in a sort way.

Wood Character WeaknessesIf action and accomplishment are the greatest strengths of Wood folks, their greatest weakness is an explosive response to lack of movement. When items are not taking place rapidly sufficient, or at all, Wood personalities have nowhere to concentrate their formidable power. They’ll push and exhaust themselves in the name of the target, and eventually drop their capability to be versatile and adaptable. In the procedure they can grow to be impatient, angry, and typically fairly imply.

Fire Character Strengths: Fire folks attain for connection and generally open paths of trust with other individuals to achieve this. Firm believers in the abundance and fantastic of all creation, such as folks, Fire personalities are upbeat and optimistic. Wherever they are, they can transform the mundane into the exceptional. They attract folks, inoculate them with joy, and leave them laughing.

Fire Character Weaknesses: If connection and joy are the greatest strengths of Fire folks, their greatest weakness is not managing their power. They thrive on drama and excitement but can take items as well far and burn out themselves and any individual else about. Fire personalities reside for connection but can entangle themselves with other individuals and not know clearly exactly where they quit and an individual else begins. When this occurs, they can grow to be anxious, irrational, and moody.

Earth Character Strengths: Earth folks see the fantastic in all beings and happily embrace them exactly where they are. Loving and compassionate, Earth personalities naturally step forward to aid, providing a piece of themselves (and something else readily available) in the procedure. They use their steadying power to stabilize folks throughout the upheavals of transitions, enabling balance to be maintained. Earth personalities really like and honor all relationships.

Earth Character Weaknesses: If assisting and supporting are the greatest strengths of Earth folks, assisting and supporting as well much are their greatest weaknesses. Becoming required provides objective to their lives, but they can take items as well far. When this occurs, Earth personalities insert themselves in matters that are not their organization and smother the folks they are attempting to aid (or alienate them totally). Either way, they can be concerned themselves sick more than the folks they really like.

Metal Character Strengths: Metal folks are sort and have the courage of their convictions. In a sense, sitting at the finish of the cycle as they do, they genuinely have observed it all. Their keen capability to synthesize the understanding, distill it into a treasure to be kept, then let go of what does not serve, tends to make them the masters of wisdom. From this figuring out they derive their amazing inner strength and will energy. But the beauty of a Metal character is that if you can offer you them a rational purpose to modify, they generally do. Precision is also a single of their strengths, as is the capability to compartmentalize their life and globe.

Metal Character Weaknesses: If amazing inner strength and will energy are Metal peoples greatest strengths, the misuse of these skills is their greatest weakness. These useful traits taken as well far can result in them to grow to be inflexible and dogmatic. In their all-significant honoring of truth, Metal personalities can also impose their personal sense of order and discipline on other individuals in an work to preserve a sense of manage. The finish outcome is that folks reject them, which initially may not matter to the Metal individual, but if it occurs as well regularly, it will start to erode their self-self-confidence.

Did you recognize oneself? I hope so! The target is for these comparisons to give clarity concerning your key elemental character and also the elemental personalities of the folks in your life. And try to remember, we have all 5 components in our personalities, so even if you cannot see the fantastic in all beings all of the time like a balanced Earth character can, there completely will be occasions you pay a visit to that Earth clubhouse to aid stabilize an individual you really like throughout an upheaval or transition.

The bottom line is that we can all make up these strengths when we will need them. Blessings to you!

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