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Each ask essential concerns that not every person is comfy asking … started-to-die/?utm_term=_292215115e-a21475b274-101098897 days/will-your-church-be-alive-ten-years

Here’s a hyperlink to an short article I wrote lately on church futures:

Taken collectively, these articles challenge me to contribute, not just to “making church fantastic again” by returning to some idealized previous, but rather, to operating for a rebirth of the Christian movement as an inclusive expression of “organizing religion” – Christians operating for the prevalent very good of all, focused on restoring the planet, generating the situations for lasting peace amongst races, nations, and religions, and minimizing/eliminating poverty by addressing the continuing transfer of wealth to the super-wealthy.

That was the concentrate of my 2016 release, The Excellent Spiritual Migration, and it is at the heart of my upcoming books, like The Galapagos Islands: A Spiritual Journey which will release this October.




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